Inside Eileen Davidson’s Tawdry Affair With Husband Vincent Van Patten While He Was Still Married To Another Woman! #RHOBH

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Eileen Davidson demanded an unreachable apology, after Real Housewives of Beverly Hills favorite, Lisa Vanderpump, brought up the affair that led to her marriage to Vincent Van Patten. A brief nod from Vanderpump led to a season-long topic, with Davidson drawing attention to the public scandal, over and over. Some would say that Davidson is harboring emotions that have yet to be processed, others would say that she is just a soapy dog, with a bitchy bone. So what exactly went down, with Eileen and Vince’s tawdry romance — the tacky beginning that led to the marriage fans witness today?

Vince was married to Betsy Russell from 1989-2001, and the couple shares two children. They were both actors, and the couple wed in North Hollywood at Dick Van Patten’s father’s Sherman Oaks home. Vince, a retired tennis pro, met Eileen Davidson on the set of The Young and the Restless. When Vince and Eileen got together, Eileen had supposedly just filed for divorce, after a three-year marriage to Jon Lindstrom, seemingly because of the undeniable chemistry with Van Patten. The papers were filed in November of 2000. 

Eileen Davidson and Vincent were captured taking off on a getaway, soon after, while Van Patten was still married to Russell. Their two children, Richard and Vince Jr., were seven and five, at the time. Van Patten was photographed picking up Davidson, to take her to LAX to board a flight to Las Vegas.

“They both looked like they were wearing disguises,” a source told Star magazine, back in December of 2000. “It was obvious they were afraid someone might recognize them.”

The secret couple checked into the romantic Bellagio Hotel, seemingly on top of the world. Van Patten was even captured commenting that he was feeling  lucky — obviously in more ways than one.

The photos were published in early January, and Russell filed for divorce soon after, citing January 6, 2001, as the official date of the split. Reportedly, the divorce documents reveal that both Van Patten and Russell agreed to a gag order, preventing them both from making “disparaging remarks” about each other, to the media or to their children, in the wake of the scandal.

It must be said — this topic would have been as dated as Rinna’s hairstyle if Eileen had simply played it cool. Lisa Vanderpump mentioned a well-known fact — that’s all. Davidson made it a season long discussion, inviting  the average viewer to wonder what emotional component compelled her to feed such a beast. A million rosy apologies would not have been enough to satisfy a monster, that many believe is named “Guilt.”  Maybe it is Eileen Davidson, who owes someone an apology.


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