Chelsea Houska Wants Daughter’s Last Name Changed Amid Baby Daddy’s Sex Offender Friend Scandal #TeenMom2

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On this week’s Teen Mom 2, Chelsea Houska announced that she wants to change her daughter Aubree’s last name from Lind after becoming fed up with baby daddy Adam Lind. She hates that her daughter will feel “separated” when she married Cole DeBoer and changes her last name.

“After we’re married and have kids, we’re all obviously going to have the same last name,” Chelsea, 24, told her fiancé Cole. “It’s just going to suck that Aubree… it’s almost like something is separating us because we’re going to have different last names. I want her to be a part of our family.”

Cole agreed that he doesn’t want Aubree to be left out. But, we could point out that Aubree already has a different last name than her mother. Of course, that didn’t stop Chelsea from suggesting the hyphenated version, Lind-DeBoer, However, Chelsea’s attorney told her a name change wouldn’t be so easy. And it’s not. Normally the father’s rights need to be terminated and then a formal adoption with the new father needs to take place.

For now the advice from Chelsea’s attorney is to wait. “She said we would have a better case if we waited until we started having kids.”

During last week’s episode, Chelsea shamed baby daddy Adam Lind when their daughter complained how daddy doesn’t play with her.

“Why not just go away,” Chelsea told her mother. “He’s only making things worse. You think him going in and out, and her going there and he sits on his phone and ignores her is better for her?”

As reported, Lind came under fire when his friend Bruce William Crawford, who has been around Aubree on the show was arrested and indicted on three felony counts of sexual exploitation, one misdemeanor count of distributing harmful materials or pornography to minors, and two misdemeanor counts of obscene phone calls.

It’s often said you are judged by the company you keep. Tell us what you think. Should Chelsea move forward with a name change or just accept the consequences that Adam Lind is the man she hooked up with and fathered her child?


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