Bethenny Frankel and John Mahdessian Square Off In The Hamptons Following Their Lingerie Party Fight #RHONY

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Bethenny Frankel and John Mahdessian Square Off In The Hamptons RHONY

On tonight’s all-new episode of The Real Housewives of New York, Bethenny Frankel and John Mahdessian to square off again!

The feud stems from, John confronting Bethenny for criticizing his relationship with Dorinda at Dorinda‘s lingerie party. The discord began in the Hamptons when John and Dorinda visited Bethenny at her Hamptons home and John propositioned the Skinnygirl mogul about a business deal when Dorinda wasn’t around. Bethenny did not take to kindly to his approach. John slammed Bethenny‘s relationship issues and Skinnygirl brand.

Tonight, the ladies continue their fun weekend in the Hamptons, and Dorinda preps John to apologize to Bethenny for crashing the lingerie party and insulting her. The ladies begin to arrive at Bethenny’s house ready to party, but wanting to bask in birthday behavior, Bethenny avoids John and his attempts to apologize, making everyone uncomfortable.

“I feel uncomfortable at my own party,” Bethenny revealed. “I have somebody that I’m avoiding at my house.”

At first, Bethenny and John stay on opposite sides of the party, but she then walks right past him and neither speaks nor looks at him. Dorinda notices Bethenny giving John the cold shoulder, and comments,

“I don’t think Bethenny has any intention of being open to John today. She greeted everyone else except John. I think it’s an opportunity for her to watch him squirm, and, at some level, she enjoys that.”

When Bethenny finally decides to hear John out, it escalates into another confrontation, but seeing Dorinda upset, Bethenny decides to extend an olive branch to him.

“I really get the sense that John and Dorinda don’t really remember what happened, because, if they remembered, I don’t think that Dorinda would have John come over,” Bethenny said, before revealing she wishes she did not invite John to her home.

Watch a preview clip of the tense confrontation below and don’t miss tonight’s episode of RHONY titled “BBQ, Brunch or Bust,” at 9 p.m. EST on Bravo.


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