Cary Deuber Clarifies Her Insulting Comments About Her Husband’s Weight #RHOD

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One by one, the Real Housewives of Dallas are learning that what they say and do has consequences. Whether it’s Brandi Redmond grinding on a male-stripper or Cary Deuber fat-shaming her husband, these ladies are on a fast learning curve, which is doubly hard for this crew.

If you recall, Cary claimed her “magical junk” encouraged her husband, plastic surgeon, Mark Deuber, to lose the weight, when in fact, he lost 70 pounds before they hooked up.

“I don’t know what inspired him to lose 80 pounds, maybe my magical junk,” Cary said in the episode. “It’s not like we were doing it when he was fat.”

Cary was slammed on social media for this remark, so to set the record straight, she nervously giggled her way through a recent Daily Dish podcast, bless her heart.

“Actually prior to us getting together, he lost about 60 or 70. And I said, ‘It wasn’t like we were doing it when he was fat.’ But what I meant was, ‘It wasn’t like we were doing it when he was married.’ I would have slept with him fat, skinny, whatever, but not married. And I did get a lot of hate about that, people thinking that I was fat shaming or saying something bad, and that wasn’t at all my intention.”

dish-mark-beforeMark before his weight loss

dish-mark-after_0Mark after his weight loss

Have you ever heard the saying, “Thou doth protest too much?” Insert here. Cary continued on the webisode to say her marriage is “magically” delicious.

“I think my ‘magical junk’ does keep him in shape. It may not have gotten him to where he is now, but it definitely keeps him there. It’s good, it’s all good. And I love him and he loves me and we’re besties. And even if he gains 100 pounds, and so do I, we’ll still be magically in love because that’s how we are.”


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