Thomas Ravenel & Jennifer Snowden Fight On ‘Southern Charm’ Over Kathryn’s Health Scare [VIDEO]

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On tonight’s new episode of Southern Charm, baby mama Kathryn Dennis, has a health scare that requires hospitalization.

While at the hospital, Thomas Ravenel and Kathryn argue, forcing Thomas to flee Kathryn‘s bedside quickly. In the midst of this drama, Thomas gets into an argument with Kathryn’s pal, Jennifer, at a party with friends.

Craig stirs the pot when he questions Thomas’ commitment to his baby mama, which, in turn, causes Thomas to unleash his wrath on Kathryn‘s BFF, Jennifer Snowden at Patricia’s Flamingo party.

Thomas takes Jennifer to the side and tells her that people are telling him she’s going around saying he wasn’t at the hospital. Thomas was, but only for two hours. Jennifer says she told Craig that he didn’t stay overnight — which isn’t true. A flashback shows Jennifer telling Craig over the phone that, “Thomas wasn’t there for Kathryn.”

Thomas explains he was there, but had to leave because they were fighting again. He told Jennifer, “She has an unformed child within her that’s my flesh and blood.”

Jennifer tells Thomas that neighbors visit for two hours, not the baby-daddy. Thomas says that Craig must being a liar, and he must be a liar. Jennifer tries to say in was a misunderstanding, but Thomas isn’t listening.

Watch a clip of tonight’s episode below and don’t miss Southern Charm at 9/8c, Mondays on Bravo.


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