Carole Radziwill Addresses Jules Wainstein’s Offensive Age Remarks #RHONY

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Carole Radziwill has a bee in her bonnet. It has to do with age. She takes her blog as an opportunity to slap newbie, Jules Wainstein, back in her place.

This last episode of the Real Housewives of New York was a crazy train that got derailed. That bra party…first of all, who has a bra party? Who? Trying on bras is its own special brand of hell. I would never do it with a bunch of other women, a camera crew, and tainted ice. (Thanks, Jules!)

Everyone has always commented on Carole’s skinny frame, but when she and Jules talk about their mutual resemblance to Skeletor, Jules brings up her good friend, menses—and for this reason, Carole thinks Jules might be protesting too much.

“This is the first time I’ve heard the period defense, and I know lots of skinny girls–myself included. Do you not get a regular period under a certain weight? What weight is that? I’ve been underweight my entire life but not so much that I didn’t get my period. So is skinny really never bad? I’ll have to disagree…it’s fine until it interferes with normal bodily functions. Red flag.”

But what really bothers Carole is that Jules plays the age game.

“I wasn’t even going to mention this because really, who cares? But from here on in I’ve decided I want to be offended…by everything… offended that Jules seems to have age-shaming Tourettes. These women could be my mom. They’ve gone off their menopause meds. The elderly. …I see a pattern, because later on in the season she insults my age to my unlined-face. At the time, I thought that was an isolated instance…But now I think she has a weird age thing.”

Carole maintains that Jules isn’t that much younger than the rest of the crew.

“We’re not talking different generations here. She’s generally cool on other subjects, so why all the slights about women’s age? Is she insecure about her own age? Or aging?”

Carole admits that she’s old enough to be Jules’ mom. If she had been a Teen Mom.

“Thing is, Jules couldn’t be my daughter. I would never have raised a daughter who made dumb sexist jokes about women… The same misogynistic crap we hear from John in this very episode, first to Bethenny’s face, and then behind Ramona’s back. And menopause, last I checked, is a medical condition that affects two billion women in the world.”

All right, Carole, cool your jets, honey. No need to get on the “menopause is a medical condition” soapbox. Personally, I think Carole has her own reasons for being sensitive to her age. (Hello, Adam, Carole’s much, much younger boyfriend.)

Now, when it comes to Ramona Singer publicly shaming Dorinda Medley about her embarrassing boyfriend, Carole takes Dorinda’s side.

“I’d like to give out the Biggest Boob award for this episode to Ramona! She shouldn’t have repeated gossip she’d heard about John. We’ve have all been hurt by women on the cast repeating gossip they hear or simply nonsense that they make up. There is very little accountability on a “she said/she said” show. So you can say anything you want.”

So, is Carole making too much out of new girl, Jules’, slights? Personally, I’m having a hard time warming up to Jules. But I think Carole is being a little too peevish about the age issue. What do you think?


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