Bethenny Frankel Blasted Over Crude Remark Describing Jules Wainstein As Special Needs #RHONY

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Bethenny Frankel is clearly the Skinnygirl in charge, as the new season of The Real Housewives of New York settles into a new season. Frankel’s frenetic motormouth is front and center, and while the business mogul loves the sound of her own voice, those within earshot, are often not so thrilled.

Bethenny was recently blasted for some recorded controversial comments, made while advising an African American woman on business strategies.

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This past episode of RHONY, exposed another one of Frankel’s mouthy hits. Viewers watched Bethenny and Ramona Singer phone Jules Wainstein, to hear her take on the upsetting drama that went down with Dorinda and John. Jules, a friend of the couple’s, clearly didn’t appreciate being dragged into the gossip, and dodged answering the point blank interrogation from Bethenny.

An impatient Frankel, never one to allow another a tongue-tied moment, snarked to Singer.

“It’s like English is a second language, over here.” Frankel adds, “She’s a very special woman, with very special needs.”

Many viewers did not appreciate Frankel’s backhanded diss to those with special needs, and spoke out on social media.

Jules responded to this viewer, thanking her for her insight.


Fans blasted Frankel and her offensive terminology, often directing tweets at Andy Cohen.

We all know that Bethenny is Andy’s best girl, and that he will always side with his favorite Skinnygirl — even though she may have the most plus-sized mouth. I doubt this is the last inappropriate blurt we will hear from Frankel — I’ll give her until episode 4.


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