Sonja Morgan Responds To Ramona Singer’s Recent Comment About Sonja’s Drinking & Flirting #RHONY

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Sonja Morgan of the Real Housewives of New York and Fredrik Eklund of Million Dollar Listing New York filled in tonight on Watch What Happens Live. Andy Cohen was supposed to have hosted Amy Schumer and Ramona Singer, but Amy was ill and had to reschedule. Also, WWHL celebrated 420. Happy Pot Day, everyone!

Andy highlighted three shady boot moments of the night: 1. When Jules Wainstein called the ladies “elderly” 2. When Bethenny Frankel questioned Jules’ intelligence 3. John declaring he would never stay in Ramona’s house and wondered how dirty her sheets were. Sonja took offense:

“That wasn’t nice for a man to speak about a woman like that.”

She wasn’t happy that Jules called the ladies old either.

“You know, I guess when you’re as young as Jules you find us elderly, but she shouldn’t knock it until she gets to my age. I’m enjoying it. There’s something to be said for wisdom.”

Andy showed a clip of Ramona apologizing to Dorinda Medly on tonight’s episode. After publicly humiliating Dorinda and calling out that John talked about their sex life, Ramona felt remorse. But saying sorry doesn’t come easily to Ramona, so Bethenny coached her. Ramona took a few practices runs before offering up the real thing. Then she scampered out of the party with her tail tucked between her legs.

Sonja and Luann started off this season as roommates. Goodbye Ramonja and hello Suann! They went apartment hunting for Luann and were awed by remote control toilet. Fredrik wasn’t impressed.

“Those are not nice apartments. That parquet floor… I think Luann should go downtown… I see Luann in the meatpacking, in a cool loft…”

Back to RHONY, John showed up at the lingerie party to pick up Dorinda. Bethenny accused him of being high. He accused her of stealing the Skinnycow name. Things became heated and Dorinda threw him out, embarrassed and a little afraid of his anger. Tonight’s poll question asked whose side we’re on, John or Bethenny.

We caught a Million Dollar Listing NY sneak peek. Luis and Ryan’s partnership is off to a rocky start. Fredrik begins the show on a sad note. His surrogate miscarried.

“The season starts in a very emotional place… It’s been a very difficult year.”

As you know, Luann de Lesseps, is now engaged. Her fiancé previously dated both Sonja and Ramona. Although according to Sonja, Ramona “dated more than mated.” This all comes into play this season, but Luann and Sonja are now talking about the wedding.

“Well we do spend a lot of time talking about it. She’s over the moon, very excited. I know both very well.”

A caller wanted to know if Fredrik will be invited to Ryan’s wedding.

“We filmed the season finale of our show last night, him and I, and it was a big…and I asked him when were filming if I was invited and he said, ‘maybe’. They’re getting married in July. Some things are holy. I got married myself. I don’t want to disturb that beautiful wedding, so maybe it’s better if I don’t come.”

We also caught a sneak peek at Bethenny’s birthday party next week. John and Bethenny talk privately. You know, with the cameras rolling. John doesn’t exactly remember what he said at the lingerie party, but admits it was uncalled for. Bethenny said it was uneducated. John swiped back. Bethenny shunned his apology. I’m beginning to see a theme for this season. If this becomes the John and Bethenny Bickering Hour, I will be very annoyed.

Ramona stated that since she’s now a single gal in the city, she’s been avoiding Sonja because she drinks too much and flirts too much. Sonja merely laughed.

“I don’t think Ramona should be talking about that because I’ve been defending Ramona for almost thirty years for her behavior. And I’m certainly invited places where they’re always whispering ‘Don’t tell Ramona because we didn’t invite her.’”

Andy asked if Sonja would ever call Fredrik when it comes time to sell the townhouse. (She already has.) Then Andy wondered if it was worth 7 million. A tipsy Sonja became outraged.

“What?! I had it listed for twelve before my reorganization and became a victim to the world.”

During game time, Sonja promoted celebrities while Fredrik guessed who the hell she was talking about. He knocked over Andy’s cocktail, prompting him to snap at Fredrik. You know Andy is pissed when he calls someone “sweetie.”

After the commercial break, Andy said people on social media accused him of being stoned and angry. He claimed to be neither—well, maybe a little angry. I mean, Fredrik did spill alcohol, after all.

So what is the status of Ramona and Sonja’s friendship now?

“Well, you know, she is my BFF. We’ll always be close. She froze me out a little bit. That gave me more time to be LaSonja.”

“Suann,” Andy corrected.

Poll time! Bethenny won with 85%, but Sonja remained neutral.

“Both sides were dicey. But you know these votes, I’m with Trump. They’re rigged.”

What did you think of tonight’s dustup between Bethenny and John? Was he more than drunk? Was Dorinda right to throw him out of her party? Should she have let him in to begin with?


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