Did Kailyn Lowry Announce Split From Hubby Javi Marroquin on Social Media? #TeenMom2

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We all know that breakups are hard, and sometimes we just want to vent about our relationship struggles, even if that clearly isn’t the brightest idea. Sometimes we post subliminal messages on Twitter or Instagram, hoping our significant other will read them. But sometimes-things get more messy, and we just air our dirty laundry for all our friends to see.

Teen Mom 2 fans knew things had gone downhill in Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin’s marriage, although the couple haven’t officially announced it.

The reality TV couple continuously post subliminal messages about their relationship and Kailyn‘s recent Twitter retweet suggest they’re moving in different directions. The tweet captioned, “Things happen, people grow apart. It’s life. Keep moving forward.”


Sings of trouble in paradise started last season on Teen Mom 2. Viewers witnessed the couple constantly quarrel on camera over trivial issues. Then earlier this year, tensions rose when Kail suffered a miscarriage and Javi blamed her for the loss.

Shortly after, Javi was deployed and is now calling the Middle East home.


Most recently both stopped wearing their wedding bands and have unfollowed each other on social media.



Did Kailyn confirm a split from Javi? As we all know, if the separation isn’t announced on social media, then it didn’t officially happen! Stay tuned. 



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