Dorinda Medley’s Boyfriend John Accused Of Discrimination Against Female Employee #RHONY

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Dorinda and John RHONY

What happens when your girlfriend is on The Real Housewives of New York and your questionable behavior is constantly under fire? People start digging into your past – that’s what. Welcome to the big leagues, John Mahdessian, dry-cleaning mogul boyfriend to Dorinda Medley.

Court documents have surfaced of accusations of discrimination in 2014 against, Mahdessian, the president of Madame Paulette. Here’s what happened: On Sep 10, 2012, a female employee by the name of Vanessa Joseph-Pauline complained to the operations manager, Paul Harrison, that she was being discriminated against on the basis of her sex. In other words, Joseph-Pauline was being punished for behavior that was tolerated by the male employees.

“Madame Paulette has had a history of receiving complaints regarding harassing, discriminatory, and other improper actions taken by Defendant Mahdessian against, among others, women,” the court papers provided by Radar Online read.

Ms. Joseph-Pauline stated to Harrison that, among other things, she was being treated in a disparate manner in comparison to male employees,” the lawsuit read. “Ms. Joseph-Pauline was disciplined by Defendant Mahdessian for certain behavior that was tolerated by defendants and permissible when such behavior was engaged in by male employees.”

Harrison explained that when he addressed the issue with John “Party Boy” Mahdessian, he reportedly became “enraged” stating he “could do whatever he wanted as he was the President of Madame Paulette.”

Harrison claims he was then fired on September 10, 2012, for addressing the discrimination issue. Mahdessian denied this and claimed Harrison was fired for “abandonment of employment duties” and “using its services and facilities for [his] own personal needs without authorization.”

So basically Harrison had been dry-cleaning his clothes since 2006, his date of hire, but Mahdessian didn’t have a problem with it until 2012. Harrison stated that “cost-free dry cleaning services” had been part of the employment agreement. And when Harrison applied for unemployment benefits, Mahdessian tried to fight it, but his attempts failed and Harrison was awarded benefits.

The case was dismissed after settling out of court in October 2014. Tell us what you think? Should Dorinda send her boyfriend to the cleaners? Or is John just misunderstood?


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