Bethenny Frankel Lashes Out At New Wife Jules Wainstein #RHONY

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Bethenny Frankel is abrasive, in-your-face bluntly honest, and I can’t help but love that about her. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t always approve of her candor, but she’s one of the original Real Housewives of New York, and I’ll always have a soft spot in my heart for her.

This week, she begins her blog by calling Jules Wainstein out on her bullshit.

“…Jules not knowing how to make coffee after claiming to make breakfast every day, that’s just odd. So on this very day, when the camera crews are there and you’re doing your daily ritual, this is the day you will learn to make coffee.”

Jules was obviously doing this for the cameras. Also, she seemed quite inept at getting the kids ready. I think she was playing for the audience here, as well. In my opinion, that nanny gets the kids ready every morning and Jules’ husband probably eats a bagel on his way out the door. But Bethenny took Jules at face value on this one.

“…your kids getting to school an hour late every day, and the school not caring because they need your money, well that’s some different shiz. Getting into a NY private school is like getting into an ivy league. It’s also one of the wealthiest cities in the world, so there are plenty of people to give schools their money.”

On to Ramona Singer and her yapper.

Ramona can talk the hind legs off a donkey, but in my experience, she asks a lot about what I’m up to. First we go through her, then we go through what I’m up to. I think she is engaging.”

As for Carole Radziwill, her friendship with Bethenny is the real deal.

Carole is mellow and she is in a stable, chill relationship and has less drama, info and gossip to impart. Carole and I connected. She is in love. This is real. I’m now awake and taking this relationship seriously.”

While Bethenny has history with Luann de Lesseps, they’re not close. Luann came off as a little needy this past summer, so Bethenny sets the record straight.

Luann was pushy with me this summer with invitations, including her birthday (offering to disinvite a former housewife she is much better friends with if I came). I felt slightly used. She seemed lonely and a little unhappy this summer, and she really wanted a boyfriend. I will always have respect for the history she and I have. I just needed to take a step back.”

And now for the lingerie party.

“I understand both sides with Carole and Ramona. They like each other, but they’re not fast and furious friends. Dorinda pointed that out, albeit a little harshly, but look who’s talking. Dorinda went in and wanted us to be transparent, so I just got into it… It was a weird summer, and some odd sh– went down, so I was doing some housekeeping. I deeply respect her standing by her man.”

I’m not sure “respect” is the word I would use, but okay.

“I thought she had a right to tell me she can date who she wants, and I stand by that. Just don’t shove him up my ass. Carole is already living there, and there simply is no room left.”

Then Ramona started spouting off to Dorinda, saying John was talking about their sex life behind Dorinda’s back. Although she offered a secondhand account of the tale, I believe it.

“Now to Ramona…God love her, and this is why she is TV gold. She dove straight in with no wetsuit and unleashed the beast. I started it. Stay mad at me. Ramona knows not what she does.”

Dorinda felt like Bethenny was playing the topper game, trying to one-up her at every turn.

“As far as Dorinda‘s fantasy game of “anything you can do I can do better,” I’m not playing. When you walk into a random hotel room, and you happened to have hosted a party there and run into someone you were friends with 10 years ago, it is mentionable.”

And one final word on Jules.

“…WTF with Jules taking an ice bath? Ummmm I’m drinking with that ice, and also, this is a hotel suite. There are three beautiful bathrooms for you to do your “mikvah” cleansing ritual in. That was drama for the sake of drama.”

It’s clear Bethenny doesn’t like the new girl. Do you? Will Jules fit in with this crowd or will she be another Kristen? And do you appreciate Bethenny’s blunt attitude or does she need to soften her delivery?


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