Mohamed Hadid Confirms He’s Still Friends With Lisa Vanderpump #RHOBH

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Mohamed Hadid Lisa Vanderpump RHOBH

Yolanda Hadid appeared smugly content, when she announced on a recent Watch What Happens Live appearance, that her ex-husband, Mohamed Hadid, had broken off all contact with her Real Housewives of Beverly Hills co-star, Lisa Vanderpump.

Yolanda spoke unemotionally, about her “Hollywood friendship” with Vanderpump.

“I just think that we never had an intimate friendship, like girlfriends should have, and I think the reason is because her friendship and loyalty was with Mohamed—so our friendship has always been very superficial. But I don’t think she hates me.”

Andy Cohen prompted Yolanda to clarify the current state of the supposedly struggling relationship between Mohamed and Lisa. Yolanda responded, “Yes, they haven’t spoken for eight months, since she made that statement that Mohamed said the children aren’t sick, he hasn’t spoken to her since.”

Lisa stated on the show, that Mohamed personally contradicted Yolanda’s claim that Bella and Anwar Hadid, had Lyme disease.

Yolanda’s alleged update sent tongues wagging, and reports flying, all asserting that Mohamed and Lisa’s friendship was damaged beyond repair. Mohamed had previously issued a vague statement, neither confirming nor denying Lisa’s claim.

“I can only imagine that my response to a question asking how my kids are doing with ‘fine’ was misconstrued. I have too much respect for all five of my children to speak about them publicly… in a restaurant or otherwise. I won’t speak further on something that should now be put to rest.”

TMZ recently caught up with Hadid, who squelched the rumors about a friendship breakup between him and Lisa. Hadid, when asked about his relationship with Vanderpump, commented that their friendship remains in tact.

“She is still my friend,” Hadid said, adding “Absolutely—she is always my friend.”

I never believed Yolanda, when she made that self-righteous statement. Hadid and Vanderpump share a genuine affection, that jumps off the screen, every time they are filmed together. Yolanda has spent her whole season, calculating, and painting a very deliberately shaded, and sketchy personal picture. Most fans believe that Yolanda has jealousy issues with Vanderpump, which allegedly stem from the closeness she shares with Mohamed, as well as from Lisa’s overall personal and professional success.

Lisa has long expressed affection for the ex-couple’s children, and few believe that she wished them any heartache, when she made the unintentionally controversial statement. Fans overwhelmingly trust Vanderpump for good reason—and you simply cannot say the same, for Yolanda Foster-Then, Hadid-Now.


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