Carole Radziwill Rips Luann de Lesseps Character “There is Zero Accountability” #RHONY

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Carole_Luann RHONY

Carole Radziwill gives us plenty of snark in this week’s Real Housewives of New York blog.

“The best bloggers have tongue planted firmly in cheek. The ones written with a sense of humor, like me. This week’s blog is no exception.”

Carole has a bone to pick with the Countess, Luann de Lesseps.

“Last season Luann was up my ass about my relationship with Adam and now she’s up my ass about my friendship with Bethenny. I can’t seem to get Luann out of my ass.”

Sounds uncomfortable.

“You heard BethennyLuann stalked her all summer. She invited B. to every party and dinner she threw. She disinvited her own BFF to her birthday party just to lure B. to it. She invited herself to B’s dinner party.”

Next, Carole tackles Luann’s lack of character.

“The thing is, you could say absolutely anything on this show and walk away from it… There is zero accountability. But no one is more Truth-Teflon than Luann. It’s impressive, really… The Countess lives in a land far, far away. In a special place with fairy dust and twitter glitter… In their fact-free universe you never worry about truth, or its annoying cousin, consequence. Your story can change at any given moment and — whoa, how cool! — absolutely nothing happens.”

Carole has a few more things to say regarding Luann.

“But let’s get back to Bethenny’s ass, which is the only thing any of us should be talking about… As far as asses go, though, hers is a great one… It might be a little tight since Luann moved in and made that ass her permanent home this summer. But, you know, I’m small. I could squeeze… I can’t wait to grow up and be just like Luann, partying and drinking every night like it’s 1999…”

Whoa. That doesn’t sound tongue in cheek, but more like outright hostility. I’m not sure I blame her. Luann was damned harsh last season. And Carole has more to get off her chest, but it’s about Ramona Singer this time.

“…Ramona and I are not 20-year friends, I did stay in touch with her over the summer. I met her uptown for drinks at the Regency… I helped book People Now for her book launch. I offered to have a girl’s luncheon, I invited her to a party I hosted on the Upper East Side (her hood), and then another party I hosted in East Hampton… By the way, Ramona has never, not once, ever, randomly stopped by to see how I am and catch up. But I still love her.”

So, should Carole let go of her anger toward Luann or continue to hold a grudge? Also, I’m very disappointed that Luann would disinvite her friend to please Bethenny. What do you think?


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