RECAP: Real Housewives of Potomac Reunion—Gizelle Exposes Katie & Charrisse Drops A Marriage Bomb [Part 2]

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Bravo is rumored to keep the booze flowing whenever ‘Housewives’ are together. What about the audience? Don’t we deserve at least a case a wine with each reunion? On the conclusion of Real Housewives of Potomac season one reunion, grousing Katie and Robyn continue to argue about the issue of race, Andy finally helps Katie see that Robyn wasn’t trying to offend her, she had questions and wanted answers. Katie accepts Robyn’s explanation and apologizes to Robyn. She  then takes the opportunity to say that Gizelle is the person she is really mad at and the fighting starts between the two.

Things get heated when Katie wants to know if the white people who “don’t won’t her,” as claimed by Gizelle, include her own father, cousins, and other family. Gizelle reminds Katie that no one sees her as biracial. If she committed a crime, she would be black. Katie says she is listed as African-American on her driver’s license, and when challenged by Robyn about “picking a box,” she responds that it was chosen for her. That’s odd, and, BOOM! Round one to Gizelle, who reminds her that the box was chosen because it is how she is seen in America. Katie thinks that her children don’t look black but that they could check that box, later, if they begin to look African-American. My heart breaks for her children.


Ashley is asked to comment and says  that she is surprised that the two women with the most European looking features  are making the biggest deal of race.  She then takes a swing by stating that they are the ones not embracing their naturalness, even dyeing their hair blonde. Robyn tells her to “come harder” and invokes the names of Nene Leakes and Mary J. Blige pointing out that they aren’t trying to be white.

The butt grab is revisited again as a racial issue. Nothing new, here, except Andy stating that he has been around Michael and his butt was never grabbed. Andy turns from the exhausted topic  to Charrisse’s missing partner, Eddie. Andy hits hard, he asks Charrisse if losing his job means that Eddie is back home (No). Other than that, Charrisse is holding her cards close. No new information. Honestly, how did this reunion become a two parter?  She admits that she loves her husband, but when asked, doesn’t see herself divorcing him and living with him as Robyn does with her ex. Charrisse commits to staying married. Eddie will have to file if he wants a divorce.  


Gizelle jumps in to reveal that Charrisse texted the wives to warn them to avoid using her marriage to make themselves relevant by talking to the press. Charrisse feels there are things that shouldn’t be said out of respect for children, for example, not saying that Gizelle is a whore. When Gizelle says that it’s because isn’t  true, Charrisse questions whether it is. Charrisse and Gizelle squabble over whether Gizelle is a true friend, since she never asks her about Eddie. Charrisse states she is getting close to Katie and has a strained relationship with Karen. Karen responds by calling Charrisse a snake and that she never knows when Charrisse is going to strike. Charrisse strikes by telling everyone that Karen called her late one night to state that she was the star of the show (denial, of course, but Karen says she will take the title). Charrisse claims that one day when she asked Karen to take a walk with her, she was told that she couldn’t be seen in public with her. Karen would only say they were still filming but wouldn’t explain, further.

Eddie and the 50th birthday party comes up for the 90th time. He didn’t want to be there because of the cameras and Andy keeps asking if her feelings are hurt. Katie claims Charrisse’s actions changed her life because she felt confident enough to give back the ring (Hasn’t she reclaimed it by now? Anyone else think that Andrew was simply avoiding the reunion and found a way to not go?) Andy says he warmed up to Charrisse when she showed vulnerability, though she seems emotionally cut off, at the reunion.

He then turns his attention to Katie’s constant begging for marriage. After the beg package, she claims she doesn’t want the ring back. She reveals they broke up months ago and were off and on when he couldn’t say that he wanted to marry her after being away from home for so long by traveling. Katie opens up to being bisexual. Ashley has also had a girlfriend in the past. Katie thinks there is a chance for her with Ashley. Katie says she would have sex with Charrisse, Ashley, and have hate-sex with Gizelle. When the fundraiser comes up, we find out that Charrisse (Katie’s new mentor) is on her fundraising committee and she still has plans to move forward with big events.


A Karen/Ashley package plays, from the fun first love to the final “girl, bye.” Black Bill Gates and Michael are there. Andy shades them about it not being a girls’ trip, it should be ok for everyone to be there. He asks Michael to keep his pants on. People give Michael the once over now that Ashley has commented about his large member. He is happy his wife is happy. Karen is confronted with a fan question about looking down on the Darbys. Rehashed fighting about the beach house happens. Black Bill Gates thinks Michael was looking for a “male fantasy situation.” I laughed so hard I didn’t even miss it. PLEASE! Michael asks why he would want Karen, look at his wife. Karen has said she will never spend time with them, again, Ashley lets her know she would never be invited. Michael feels that Ray wasn’t upset, that he was told what to say.


Ashley is taken to task by a fan for the “menopausal mood swing” comment directed at Karen and Gizelle. Gizelle says that Michael’s sexual orientation is none of her business when a fan asks if she thinks he is really gay. Karen defends her “ejaculate in you” comment. Andy wants to know why was it ok to for her to ask Ashley to model swimsuits to pick one out for Rayvin. Why was it ok for Karen to say that Ray “fills her holes” but Ashley’s comments about Michael are wrong? No real response. Ashley is offended that she has been treated like a stalker of an 18-year-old kid. The Darby’s are confused by Karen claiming to be all about etiquette with her mouth.


Gizelle’s family and dating issues come up. She receives dating offers but also receives d*ck pics on Instagram but deletes them. Jamal has nothing to say about her commenting on his affairs, they have already played out in the news. A fan takes Gizelle to task for being in everyone’s business and having none of her own. Charrisse loves it. She thinks Gizelle is narcissistic and Andy is openly shocked that Charrisse doesn’t see herself that way. Karen admits she is in love with herself. Charrisse thinks Karen may fit the description but she doesn’t because she doesn’t tear others down as a narcissist would. Robyn fact checks Charrisse’s definition to tell her she’s wrong. HILARIOUS! 

I feel like I am simply watching the season over again when the Katie/Andrew public mauling and accusations of “substance enhanced making out” come up again. Don’t care. What we didn’t know, from the show, is that Katie was slurring, getting in and out of cars, “talking reckless” to the point of instigating a fight with Robyn, who left after swearing her out. Oh my. Where were the cameras, then? What a different perspective!

Gizelle threatens to bring up other things that were edited out, shutting an amped up Katie down, and piquing Andy’s interests. A viewer thinks the two women should be bonding with so much in common and it turns out that they were bonding earlier but Katie didn’t buy it and thinks Gizelle was camera conscious. A viewer thinks Gizelle was slut-shamed by Katie, whose own sex life is playing out onscreen. Katie brings up the lingerie and poop story Gizelle told, and Gizelle brings up a claim that at a promotional shoot, Katie had been drinking and peed on the couch. Ashley claims it was “coochie sweat.” Thank goodness I lost my dinner, earlier. Katie admits that it was a small leak, but she defends it as the result of having three children. 


At the end, the women each seem to have enjoyed their experiences, they each gained something. Charrisse takes the time to admit she left something out; Eddie has stopped speaking to her completely for opening up their personal life. Even still she feels empowered. Karen feels that they are all still friends and that they need to take care of each other.  

The ladies end the season on that friendly note. They toast their growth and I thank goodness it is finally over. Season 2 has been renewed!


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