Gizelle Bryant Slams Katie Rost On Twitter With Allegations of Drug Use & Questionable Parenting #RHOP

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Gizelle and Katie RHOP

You can file this one under rumor—we can’t confirm if this allegation is true or not.

According to The Real Housewives of Potomac star, Gizelle Bryant, her troubled costar, Katie Rost, appeared at a RHOP event “drunk,” high and urinated on herself.

Gizelle dropped the shocking bombshell during part two of the RHOP Season 1 reunion and took to Twitter to reiterate her accusation. On Sunday (April 17), Bryant tweeted, “2 hours late, Drunk, High and Peeing on a couch…#nasty #RHOP.

Although Gizelle did not tag her RHOP costar in the tweet, it was crystal clear (based on Bryant’s RHOP Reunion remarks) who the tweet referenced. 

During part two of the RHOP Reunion, it was revealed that in unseen footage, Katie was slurring her words, getting in and out of cars, talking recklessly to the point of instigating a fight with Robyn. 

Bryants scandalous tweet was just the tip of the iceberg, she also took aim at Katie‘s mothering choices involving custody of her kids, “If you are concerned about your children’s custody then don’t get on tv drunk and high.”

Bryant clarified why Katie‘s alleged micturition was not aired, “A whole lot was EDITED out! #RHOP.”

Twitter reacted to #TwinkleGate by offering Katie words of encouragement for her incontinent issues.

Allegations of drug use have plagued Rost following a bizarre public make out session with her now ex fiancé, Andrew Martin, during an episode on RHOP.

Do you think Katie Rost may have a drug problem as Gizelle suggested? Tell us what you think in the comment section. 


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