Bethenny Frankel Lashes Out At The Media & Event Organizers Over Her Controversial Remarks #RHONY

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As reported, Bethenny Frankel was a guest speaker at Rent The Runway’s and UBS’s Project Entrepreneur summit last Saturday, April 9, where she made quite a controversial splash.

The Real Housewives of New York star was heard and recorded, encouraging a struggling African-American businesswoman, to switch the face of her company from black to white, in order to increase business boosting opportunities. The woman asked Frankel’s advice about the questionable strategy, and Frankel responded.

“If you really believe that the solution to the problem would be having a blonde white guy work for you, and you find someone who is great — then do it.”

“I don’t know your business at all, but you have to find the truth, you can’t be thinking through all these excuses about why you’re not getting what you need to get done, but if you really believe having a blonde straight guy is going to help, I mean, you can’t change the whole world right now.” Frankel added, “If it’s not working and you’ve been doing this for a year, and it’s not working, test somebody out for three weeks.”

“Some people say that when they dye their hair blonde, they get more men when they go out for the night. I can’t speak to the problems in society…”

Some of the women in the crowd were offended by the outspoken Skinnygirl mogul’s remarks, and a few approached the podium, to counterpoint Frankel’s assertions. The moderator reportedly removed the mic from their hands, as the exchanges intensified. 

Project Entrepreneur issued an apology on their website.

“We understand that guests were offended during our Day 1 luncheon, following remarks made by our speaker. This was not our intention and is contrary to our goals. We apologize to our guests,” the statement reads. “We launched Project Entrepreneur to champion all women. We thank those of you who candidly spoke out and welcome this important dialogue.”

Bethenny is a self-professed know-it-ALL, and anyone who has heard her speak once, knows her frenetic, blurting motormouth. Frankel is not sorry about her statements, and took to Twitter to sound off, following the Project Entrepreneur’s statement. Bethenny insinuated that the organization was kowtowing to troublemakers.

Bethenny snapped at the press, blaming the media for misreporting the event.

Bethenny reiterated her position, when responding to a follower, then announced how she would address the backlash. 

One thing about Bethenny — she certainly doesn’t lack confidence! A couple of observations about Bethenny’s speech, which was underwhelming, to say the least. The “Skinny” big-shot offered nothing more than common-sense advice, dripping with narcissistic illustrations.

This girl LOVES to jabber about herself, and the bunny trails were real, as the frantic minutes ticked away. Her tweets echo her overinflated self-opinion, proudly labeling herself “disruptive” and a worthy pursuit, for any hungry social media hound.

This conundrum is an interesting one — especially for one who considers herself a maverick, and brilliant business person. I believe that Frankel is confusing her actual words, with her intended message — but as we all can guess, she will probably insist otherwise. I assume that the open letter will carefully articulate her position. It’s hard to frenetically jabber in writing. However, if anyone can manage it—it would be that Skinnygirl!

Listen to the controversial recording below, pay close attention to the last 10-minutes of the audio.


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