Kathryn Edwards Calls Out Erika Girardi’s Manipulative Ways & Addresses Kool-Aid Diss #RHOBH

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kathryn edwards rhobh

Our freshman Housewife, Kathryn Edwards, came out of the season unscathed. Yes, she had her moments and blunders, but all in all, her time on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills showed her in a relatively positive light. And now, looking back, she’s ready to put it all in perspective.

“I watched all of the drama between the ladies unfold just like you all did. Am I missing something? Are we missing something? I saw Lisa R. bring up Munchausen at Lisa V.‘s. home with Kyle.”

She notes that Lisa Rinna is the one who did a U-turn halfway through the season.

Rinna didn’t have anything but compliments about Lisa V. for quite some time, and then something changed.…as Lisa R. said in her blog last week, “this has gotten far too drawn out and confusing.” Can I get an AMEN?”

Amen! Halleluiah. This season was tedious because of Rinna and Eileen Davidson’s need to instigate drama. I, for one, am glad it’s over and hope there will be a casting shuffle next year.

Since the trip to Dubai was a disaster, when it came time for Kyle’s non-white party, Kathryn went in hoping for the best. She’s such a cockeyed optimist. 

“I felt for Yolanda sitting there, having to listen to this crap. I’m sure it does feel suspicious to her considering the differences between her mutual friends, but I’d take it with a grain of salt because the two feuding parties were both wrong in the way they spoke of her illness.”

Kathryn met Kim Richards for the first time.

“I was happy to finally meet Kim. I have felt a kindred spirit to her through the stories–in a different way– but nonetheless, I’ve felt protective of her for my own reasons.”

Erika Girardi arrived and had nothing good to say about Lisa Vanderpump. The hatred is real, y’all.

Erika then goes on to say in her confessional interview that I am a “self-proclaimed strong woman,” but I am under Lisa V‘s. spell. What spell? What kind of dirty work am I doing for Lisa V.? Who am I plotting against?”

Kathryn claims she went into this season ready to give everyone a fair shake. (Except maybe The Morally Corrupt Faye Resnick, which is totally understandable.)

“If I drank the “Vanderpump kool-aid,” and “have become the spokesman for the Vanderpump kool-aid” then Erika drank Hater-aid and has become the spokeswoman for the Vanderpump Hater-aid.”

After watching the season play out, Kathryn is still playing for team LVP

“I ask, what have I done that looks like I have my head up Vanderpump‘s ass? Laughed at her jokes? She’s funny as hell. Gotten her a glass of wine? She’s done the same for me.”

Kathryn feels there was some manipulation happening this season, but it wasn’t from Vanderpump.

“I will say this…all season I was warned about Lisa V. being a manipulator, a sniper, getting someone to do her dirty work, not to be trusted. I was looking, I watched, I waited. I did see some manipulation going on, but it wasn’t coming from Lisa V.”

After listening to both sides of the Munchhausen tale — dear God, I hope that after the reunion, we never have to hear that word again — she believes both women think they’re right.

“I believe that Rinna has conviction in what she is saying, but the truth of the matter is that I wasn’t there. I didn’t see it. There are two sides to that story, and I also believe that Lisa V. has conviction in what she’s saying AND truthfully, I really don’t give two sh–s. Erika should know as well as anyone, you can’t convict someone on that type of evidence.”

But Kathryn is hopeful, because she’s a glass half full kind of gal.

“I believe the friendships can repair, I have seen kindness in every one one of them, and time heals all.”

Maybe, but it may take a lot of time. Decades, perhaps. So are you looking forward to this Munchhausen-fueled reunion or do you have Lyme journey-induced PTSD?


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