Lisa Rinna Claims She’s “Owned” Her Part In The Munchausen Debacle #RHOBH

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Oh, Lisa Rinna. How you’ve annoyed me this season on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

In the past three or four episodes, we’ve tried to piece together what the hell these women were fighting about and what set Rinna off like a rocket powered by craziness and paranoia.

The storyline was murky because we didn’t get to see any of the often mentioned events on film. Now, all of a sudden, Kyle Richards gives us new information in her blog and so does Rinna. Um, this might have been helpful, oh, a month ago.

Rinna shows us a timeline and I have to ask why is she doing it now? Why not after the Arabian Nights dinner in Dubai? Or during her beach convo with Eileen Davidson? But before we get to that, like a monkey in the zoo, Rinna must hurl more of her crap in Lisa Vanderpump’s direction.

“…it appears that some of us may not be doing as well as others and are lashing out and hitting below the belt. For a woman who works 18 hours a day, has 250 employees, three shows on Bravo, three restaurants, eight dogs, five swans, two tiny horses, two grown kids and a 70-year-old husband to take the time she took to write that mean blog last week…WOW!”

Yeah, wow! LVP finally defended herself and threw a little shade toward Eileen and Rinna. I say it was about freaking time. These two have done nothing but harass LVP all season, and now she’s the mean one? Don’t think so.

Eileen is a such a good, solid human being and friend, and she absolutely does not deserve any of this. Ok, ok. I know I already said I’m as sick as you are with this same sh– being hashed and rehashed again. But here’s the thing: I watch along with you and when I see this whole game of “telephone” spin wildly out of control…”

Eileen deserves all of that and more. Now here comes the timeline.

My longtime hairdresser, Faye Woods, and I had a discussion about Munchausen…she felt Yolanda’s actions were quite similar.”

And here’s the new info:

“I passed this information along to Kyle one night when we had sushi at Shu. …we discussed Yolanda’s Instagram pics. There was no ill intent on either of our parts… I was the one to bring the “M” word, not LVP…”

According to Rinna, LVP was apprised of the M-word.

“…LVP said she had never spoken to me on the phone, and I can say without a doubt that she has indeed called me… In one phone bill cycle, I spoke to LVP on the phone 10 times and within a specific 24-hour period, she called me five times to infer that others knew I had brought up the “M” word and further hinted that, in her opinion, I should, sooner or later, admit this.”

So let me get this straight, LVP knew Rinna was going around, talking about how Yolanda might have Munchhausen’s. Lisa then told her to come clean. Maybe she knew word would get back to Yolanda? And what is this “hinted” business? Sounds like Rinna is still trying to shirk responsibility.

“I think this explains why LVP ran out after me asking why I hadn’t dragged Kyle into it. Kyle and I had discussed the “M” word at dinner before LVP knew anything about it. I brought up the “M” word, but it seems that maybe that wasn’t enough to satisfy LVP.”

After watching Rinna twist words and manufacture bullshit this season, I’m still believing Vanderpump.

“To me, it seems LVP really wanted Kyle to take the heat along with me. But WHY? Instead, and rather unfortunately, we watched this whole thing take on a life of its own. I own my part…”

Do you, Rinna? Because Vanderpump did bring up her confusion about Yolanda’s health…to YOLANDA! She mentioned it at Erika Girardi’s BBQ along with the weird selfies and the fact that Yolanda ran like the wind a year ago during the scavenger hunt. If she was so ill, how could she have managed that?

“This topic has now been put to bed. Well, until next week when we discuss it approximately 892 different ways during the reunion! *sigh*”

I think it would have been put to bed much sooner if Rinna and Eileen hadn’t brought it up constantly, ruining every meal, a dream vacation, and an entire season of my beloved RHOBH!

Rinna now has nothing but disdain for LVP and Kathryn Edwards.

Erika and Camille talking to Kathryn about her being LVP’s new spokesperson for the Vanderpump kool-aid brand was hysterical. It’s true though! That position has been filled by many, and I am happy to say that I am thrilled to have quit the LVP head cheerleader position before I drank any of that infamous kool-aid. Have fun in your new Vanderpump kool-aid CEO position, Kathryn! Hope the compensation is worth it!”

Ken got into the mix and called Rinna a few choice words.

“…he managed to call me: f—ing stupid bitch, silly cow, not the full ticket, and a wanker. I actually find this rather amusing because YOU KNOW I Googled the definition of “wanker.” Go ahead. You do it, too. I promise you’ll get a good laugh by the first definition you see.”’

For those of you who don’t know Brit speak, wanker refers to someone who is so pathetic they’re reduced to jerking off. However, this word isn’t always used in its literal form. When Ken called her a wanker, he meant she was a despicable person. Rinna needs to stop Googling. Seriously. #Munchhausen #Scapegoat #Wanker

As for the Yolanda HadidDavid Foster divorce:

“As I have said before, Yolanda’s behavior has been confusing to me and, more than once, I had the feeling that something might be going on that we didn’t know about. I sensed that Yolanda wasn’t fully connecting her head to her heart, at least when we were around her.”

Ugh. I can’t with all this quasi-spiritual psychobabble. But those lips just keep flapping.

“So, that’s a wrap on Season 6. What I have taken away from all of this is the fact that my bullsh– meter is alive and well and it is my natural instinct to call out bullsh– when I see it. The downside really is that nobody likes having their bullsh– called out and it adversely affects the friendship and the whole group.”

I’m so over Lisa Rinna at this point. She has squashed any fondness I may have had for her once upon a time. What about you? Are you buying Rinna’s new version of events. You know I’m an LVP lover, but I don’t thinks she’s an evil person, and she’d have to be if she had planned a “get Yolanda and bring Kyle down at the same time” agenda. What’s your take?


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