Kyle Richards Throws Her “Friend” Lisa Vanderpump Under The Bus Over Munchausen Drama #RHOBH

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Welp, now that this season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is over, Kyle Richards is back to fighting form and casting shade on her “good friend” Lisa Vanderpump all over again.

“What happened that day at LVP‘s when Rinna said the word Munchausen was very clear to me, which is why I confronted LVP right after. We had the discussion in her bathroom. That is when I said, “I know what you’re up to, and I will take you down in flames with me” half laughing, because I just didn’t want to make a big deal out of it. I called Rinna right after to talk to her about their conversation. Long story short, I knew what was said but shrugged it off.”

Hmm. So is Kyle claiming that LVP put Rinna up to the M-word? That’s not what she said in her blog last week. Or is she merely intimating that LVP discussed Yolanda Hadid’s sick/healthy selfies? Because Lisa herself admitted that to Yolanda’s makeup-free face.

“When we were in Dubai at the Arabian Nights dinner and Rinna pulled LVP aside to talk to her about that day, I was happily clueless. When LVP and I got back to our room, LVP and I discussed what Rinna had said. We both knew it would come up again. I reminded her about our conversation in her bathroom that day which we discussed at length.”

I remember that scene. Kyle seemed to side with LVP at the time and talked about how out of control Rinna had gotten.

“As I said in my last blog, I care about Lisa and value our friendship. I felt bad for her sitting there at the table in Dubai… I was over it and feel that Lisa cares about me and it wasn’t that big of a deal. I honestly felt that this was more about their own issues with LVP, and they were just using this as an example.”

So if Kyle believes Vanderpump wanted to take her down, why is she still friends with her? How could you be friends with someone who is actively plotting to make you look bad in front of the world?

“Anyone that knows me knows that I get over things quickly and usually forget about it as well. Sometimes a good thing, sometimes not so much.”

I’m not buying it. Kyle is a grudge holder who’s been looking to knock Vanderpump off her pink crystal-encrusted perch since season two.

While Kyle claims she’s fought to keep her friendship with LVP alive and thriving, she still doesn’t have her back. For example, in Lisa’s blog last week, she defends herself against Eileen Davidson and calls her out for having an affair. Instead of acknowledging that reality, Kyle takes another swipe at her pal, LVP.

“I also don’t agree with LVP‘s blog last week. Clearly she is striking back, but it was mean spirited and is only making things worse between them. Clearly, that is already a touchy subject with Eileen and is what sparked all of this to begin with. And now Lisa‘s blog pretty much validated Eileen‘s feelings.”

I’m sure it is a touchy subject. Probably was touchy for Eileen’s ex-husband and Vince’s ex-wife, too.

Now, to bring it full circle, at Kyle’s party Lisa defended herself to Yolanda. She even called Kyle over to back her up. Listen to this twisted logic:

“When LVP asked me to clarify with Yolanda that she wasn’t the one who started the Munchausen conversation, it was easy to do. Rinna brought it up. End of story. And if she went out of her way to bring it up, she needs to quit passing the buck. Then Yolanda told the girls that LVP said she had no part in that conversation. She said she didn’t START it. Which she didn’t.”

So, did Lisa mastermind this whole thing? Kyle implies that she did earlier in this very blog, but now she claims LVP didn’t bring it up. Rinna did. So is Vanderpump a spider, a sniper, a liar? According to Kyle, yep. And yet they’re besties! Really, Kyle. Really? Something is not adding up.

Do you believe LVP instigated the entire “get Yolanda” scenario? That would mean that LVP is pretty vile. So then why is Kyle friends with someone so vicious? Now, it can be pointed out that Kyle has embraced horrible people before—hello, Faye Resnick. What’s your take on all this? And why did Kyle wait until the finale to finally come forward with this information?


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