‘RHONY’ Dorinda Medley Talks Ramona Singer’s Bombshell About John’s 6-Hour Erection

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Dorinda Medley RHONY

Wednesday night on Watch What Happens Live, Andy Cohen hosted Marie Osmond and one of the Real Housewives of New York, Dorinda Medley.

Andy treated us to a montage of Marie’s show biz moments, including a spot on The Bob Hope Show, The Donnie and Marie show, a duet with David Hasselhoff, and her fainting spell on ‘Dancing With The Stars.’

On RHONY, all the ladies are hating on Dorinda’s man, John. They don’t like that she makes excuses for his odd behavior. But it really hit the fan when Ramona Singer told Dorinda that John claims he pops a Viagra and humps her for six hours. Doesn’t he know that any erection lasting over four hours is considered dangerous and he should seek medical care immediately? All the erectile dysfunction commercials say so! Marie weighed in on the situation—the one with Ramona. Not John’s super hard dork.

“If she’s [Ramona] known you for twenty years, wouldn’t you take your best friend to the side and not do it at your party… Now I don’t know John, but I mean if he is saying things like that to other people behind your back it’s something to look at. But don’t bring it up at a party and attack you.”

Dorinda told Andy why she sticks with John.

“I love him, he makes me laugh, he’s always positive… He came into my life when I needed a really good friend and someone to support me and be part of my life. And I choose him. That’s the end game, I choose him.”

In a sneak peek of next week’s show, John comes into the bra party all shitfaced. He accused Bethenny Frankel of stealing the Skinny Cow name. Dorinda slurred that John shouldn’t come into her party and start problems with the Skinny Girl herself. Bethenny intimated that John is a coke head and taunted him. When Dorinda defended John, Bethenny jumped out of her seat and started yelling about her business. Things aren’t looking good for John this season. 

Marie Osmond has worked with a lot of legends. Andy asked her about a few. Cher taught Marie how to wear makeup. Ike and Tina Turner argued. Loudly. “I could hear them in the next dressing room. She’s very lucky to be away from that.”

Marie actually was offered the part of Sandy in ‘Grease,’ but she turned it down. The original script was too edgy. “Sandy was not a nice girl. Obviously they liked Oliva [Newton John] better than me, because they toned her down for Olivia. Olivia is my friend. I love her.”

Andy asked about Marie’s openly gay daughter and how that fit in with her Mormon beliefs. “She’s my daughter. Just because beliefs may be different, nobody is ever going to believe in the same things. So why do we fight with each other? It’s crazy to me. And so her constitutional rights are her constitutional rights. That doesn’t mean that religiously I support other things. You have to know who you are as a person. She knows where I stand, and she knows that I stand for her.”

What about Dorinda’s daughter, Hannah? Has she warmed up to John?

“It’s a work in progress. Hannah doesn’t like me to talk about any of these things, so I try to keep it private. As you can see she’s not on the show that much.”

Last week, Bethenny accused Dorinda of drinking like a drunken fish all summer. Dorinda disagrees.

“I wasn’t in the Hamptons, I was in the Berkshires. I went to the Hamptons for one night.”

On the subject of marriage, Dorinda remains undecided.

“I don’t know…we’re happy now. I don’t know why people have all these obsessive questions about me and John.”

We also learned that Dorinda introduced Luann de Lesseps to her fiancé.

So how are you liking RHONY so far? Would you ever go to a bra show? And was Ramona wrong to bring up John’s comments in front of everyone?


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