Yolanda Hadid Calls Her Friendship With Lisa Vanderpump “Superficial” & She’s Done With Lisa Rinna #RHOBH

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Yolanda on WWHL_RHOBH

On Watch What Happens Live, a very tan Yolanda Hadid and breast-baring Erika Girardi talked about all things Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Well, to be honest, Yolanda talked. Erika deferred to her Dutch friend, and when forced to answer, she stated the obvious. If she hadn’t been spilling out of her jumpsuit, I would have forgotten she was even there.

Host, Andy Cohen noted that Yolanda just got back from Tahiti, hence the tan. Then he showed a montage of Yo’s bitchiest moments throughout the season.

Andy asked the ladies what they thought of Ken Todd calling Lisa Rinna “a stupid bitch” and a “wanker”. Erika remained quiet and Yolanda spoke for the both of them.

“I’ve heard it before. He called me a bitch…I wasn’t happy about it.”

Though Yolanda and Erika left the season with their friendship intact, how does Yolanda feel about her fellow cast mates? In a game called Yolanda, are You Still Fonda, she stated which of the ladies she liked. Not surprisingly, Rinna and Lisa Vanderpump didn’t make the cut. She feels “medium” about Kyle Richards, but still likes Eileen Davidson and Kathryn Edwards.

Next, we caught a little clip of Erika Jayne’s new video,“I Don’t Give a F***.” She looks like a middle-aged Britney, and that’s not shade. I wish I looked like a middle-aged Britney. I’d even go for Brit during her crazy, umbrella-wielding, bald years. 

When asked who the ladies believe, LVP or Rinna regarding the M-word Yolanda said: 

“I think they’re both to blame…I think they were both a part of the conversation.”

Erika finally piped up, Lisa Rinna had a conversation…as she tells it, she was encouraged to bring that up from LVP.”

This season, Yolanda mentioned a vault and made it sound like she knew all of Kyle’s deepest, darkest secrets. It most definitely sounded like a threat, but Yolanda spins it differently.

“There are just experiences that we have as women together. I just feel very strongly that certain things you do not speak about on national TV. I never share those, and obviously I won’t share them with you either because that would defeat the purpose, but I just think as human beings, as women, you hold certain things secret in your heart and you just never expose those things.”

What purpose is that? To hold them over Kyle’s head in case she gets out of line? And just why was Kyle so loyal to LVP? Yolanda has a theory.

“I think Kyle growing up as the middle child, she’s used to dealing with a lot of stuff. And I also think that for business they are the two stars of the show, they started the show and they want to keep it going and they have a certain loyalty to each other and they stick to that.”

Kyle later texted Andy clarifying she wasn’t the middle child. Nevertheless, Erika agrees with Yolanda. (But of course she does!)

“I feel the same, but my experience with Kyle and Lisa has only been for a year.”

Why, exactly, was Erika so judgy where LVP was concerned?

“I gave her a chance, but I know what I felt and I know what I saw.”

See? Her answers are not answers at all. In spite of being Yolanda’s lapdog, Erika called out Kathryn for drinking the Lisa Vanderpump Kool-Aid. (Mmm, tastes just like rosé!) Yolanda put it a bit more delicately while still implying LVP is a manipulator.

“They seem to be very close. We’ve seen this consistently every season, of Lisa bringing someone in very close. I haven’t spent much time with both of them because I wasn’t part of most of the shooting this season…”

Erika agrees in a bored tone.

“I know they’re very close. I saw that friendship develop. It’s great.”

We caught a sneak peek of reunion where Yolanda talks about the divorce from David Foster. She says David didn’t change, she did. She doesn’t feel anyone should criticize him for not wanting to take care of her. She didn’t the end of her marriage coming and hesitates to confirm that her illness was the sole reason for the breakup. Did the marriage end during the taping? Nope, not according to Yolanda.

“I didn’t know it was ended until November 15th. We’d already wrapped shooting. The show was done. I know exactly the day, November 15th. That was a conversation.” Are they on speaking terms? “We’re in touch a little bit here and there.”

A caller wanted to know if LVP’s dislike of Yolanda stems from her ex-husband, Mohamed.

“I don’t think she dislikes me. I just think we never had an intimate friendship, like girlfriends should have. I think because her friendship and loyalty was with Mohamed. Our friendship has always been very superficial. But I don’t think she hates me.”

Andy objected, stating he got the sense from Lisa that she had a real friendship with Yolanda“It’s a Hollywood friendship.”

Oy, the Hollywood friendship thing again. Why won’t she give it a rest?

Andy also noted that Lisa’s friendship with Mohamed has suffered because of the show.

“They haven’t spoken for eight months, since she made that statement that Mohamed said the children aren’t sick. He hasn’t spoken to her since.”

On tonight’s RHOBH episode, Rinna and Kim came face to face for the first time since last year’s reunion. What did the ladies think about their conversation?

Yolanda said, “You know, it didn’t get any better.”

Erika sat there, like a mute blow up doll with big blond hair and giant knockers. The only time she had something to say was in regards to her boobs. Not kidding.

Why didn’t Yolanda tell Eileen and Rinna about the divorce?

“It was unexpected, and after what happened this entire season, I didn’t feel like any of the women was a safe place for me to go to and discuss my marital problems. I confided in Erika and she was by my side. That was the only place I felt safe.”

As to why LVP doesn’t like to apologize, Yolanda is philosophical about it all.

“I think it’s just a part of her personality. I think she can’t help it. If it was easier for her to do it she would do it, but I guess somehow it’s a hard thing for her to do.”

Andy slipped in one final question. Did Yolanda and David have a prenup?

“Yes. Hollywood, baby. I married for love, not for money.”

The poll question asked who was the biggest shit stirrer all season. Lips Rinna won hands down with 51%.

Question: why does Andy keep having Erika on this show? She’s a dud when it comes to live TV. Also, do you think Yolanda will come back next season? And do you want to see her return? 


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