Lisa Vanderpump Nails Lisa Rinna & Eileen Davidson’s Agenda To “Discredit” And “Annihilate” Her #RHOBH

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Lisa Vanderpump has topped herself — putting out an epic Real Housewives of Beverly Hills blog that clarifies details, and soundly thrashes another failed plot, aimed at discrediting the Bravo veteran. Lisa begins by giving the viewer background information, about what triggered Ken to verbally lash out, against Lisa Rinna.

“Ken vociferously defends me and was sickened by the situation as he had been the recipient of tearful phone calls from Dubai. He had no understanding of the depths of aggression and nastiness that had transpired–how relentless they were–but previously he warned me not to engage with LR a few months ago…In his infinite wisdom…”

Isn’t that why viewers LOVE Ken? Lisa explains how Rinna and Eileen trip themselves up, while trying to sell that she somehow masterminded the Munchausen chatter. She notes that when Eileen first spoke to Yolanda about it, she nor Kyle, were even in the dialogue. She also notes how lame Rinna’s initial execution was — and how she repeatedly tried to bounce blame from herself, onto others.

“ED even brought it to YF’s attention the first time we met EJ saying LR felt bad about it. No mention of Kyle or me, not even a hint until much later as the negativity towards me gathered momentum propelled by ED.”

“The first accusation LR leveled at me was how I had “manipulated” her into shopping in Amsterdam. That was laughable at the time, because that was all she could manifest, then came the idea that she could absolve herself from blame with this notion, that she was innocent regarding her actions towards Yolanda. I do believe she even accused Yolanda of being the biggest manipulator of all, strident accusations proffered from a confused mind.”

Lisa walks us through the first mention of Munchausen—during that key gathering at her home. She writes about what she believes transpired, before the Bravo cameras were rolling.

“Kyle and I were uncomfortable with the situation, and I do believe I said as much. If I had been urging her to suggest that, there is no way in hell she wouldn’t have said as much, as I remarked “I don’t think we should be talking about this.” If you had been pressured, coerced into exposing this, I am sure it would be totally unacceptable for you to eagerly read this from a phone, of your own volition, and Kyle and I NOT to nod in agreement.”

“I realize now that ED arrived later to my house and asked what we were talking about…Mmmmm, I now have a better understanding of the situation and that those two talk all the time, and I am sure before it was brought to the forefront, especially if her hairdresser had initiated the discussion, LR must have chewed the fat with ED first. She would not run to my house and expose it if it had not been discussed between them…obviously.”

WHY didn’t Eileen and Rinna simply choose to not bring the Munchausen rumor to light? Lisa wonders the same thing.

“….why wouldn’t Soapy have said to Sudsy that maybe the munchausen theory wasn’t such a good one? Couldn’t she, as her best friend, maybe have manipulated her into zipping her over-inflated lips closed. I do believe Rinna is a puppet–just not mine.”

Lisa calls out Rinna, for her repeated aggression towards Kim Richards.

“I also am baffled by the aggressive stance in regard to Kim. Kim has battled her demons and dealt with it the best way she knows how, enduring a long stint in treatment. To speak so unkindly of her all season resonates and speaks volumes.”

Lisa also notes Erika Girardi’s instant negative reaction to her, indicating a clear agenda, from the start.

“Erika apparently joins forces with them, which is a shame. I barely knew her, and she was already incredibly negative in her opinion of me. Which was hard to fathom for sure, as I had only been generous in regard to her and Tom. These women joined our group, a group that over the last six years has been fun to watch, and they attack.”

Lisa shares her thoughts about how she chose to relate to Rinna in the past, and where she stands with the ladies today.

“Times when violence has transpired, insidiously aggressive texts have been sent, were all swept aside as the friendship superseded her actions, and I turned a blind eye. Because that is what you do in moments of doubt. You don’t doubt your friend.”

“No longer am I blind, I have seen all I need to. I have complete clarity in regard to their ambitious agenda, their agenda to isolate me from the group, and they have been successful in their endeavor. ED, well I didn’t know her, but LR saddens me…I lament the light-hearted banter we used to enjoy, and I am still mystified how a friendship can be so disposable…”

“I have enjoyed Kathryn, who has been immensely supportive, Kyle and I remain close, and obviously LR and ED are inseparable and I think perfect for each other.”

One particular statement from Vanderpump’s blog stands alone, and says it all.

“So I bid you farewell as the curtain drops on the final act. Some may take a bow as they have executed their plan and can live with their choices, their choice to attempt to discredit and annihilate a friend, who I am resolute in the fact, has been extraordinarily supportive in some dark times, that we have witnessed…”


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