Eileen Davidson Claims Lisa Vanderpump Attacks Her Relentlessly On Social Media & In The Press #RHOBH

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Eileen Davidson lost fans in crushing numbers during the just wrapped season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. If anyone is wondering why, look no further than her latest blog. Eileen, once a fan darling, resorted to blocking hundreds of fans on social media, when viewer criticism became too loud. She shares her thoughts on a season that shoved her into  a plummeting dive from the top of the heap, SPLAT— into Brandi Glanville territory. 

Eileen shares her thoughts on whom she believes to be the most beaten up of the bunch—the battered Yolanda Hadid.

Yolanda has had it the toughest. She’s continued to battle Lyme and been isolated from our group at times because of it. She’s suffered from the controversy and confusion surrounding the Munchausen’s comment. On top of all that, she’s had to endure the ending of her marriage to David. Now she’s in her new home as a single woman, and I hope this next step is full of great new beginnings. I loved when she and Erika talked about her best days being in front of her. It shows the kind of woman she is: strong, loving and positive.”

Eileen is SHOCKED by how things stand between her and Lisa Vanderpump. Relentless badgering does that to a friendship—much to Eileen’s surprise.

“The most shocking of all is seeing where things have ended up with Lisa V. and me. All this because I expressed my feelings to her? Because I sought the truth coming out? Really? Now I understand all too well why Kyle felt the need to stop trying to get Lisa V. to admit the truth. Kyle had let it go and moved on because it’s just easier to be aligned with LVP than against her.”

Eileen expresses disgust at Vanderpump striking back, via her blog, and defending herself on social media.

“Her attacks on me in the press and social media have been relentless and disgusting. I’ve rolled with it the last few weeks, but her blog last week was beyond. Then I witnessed her husband Ken’s nasty tirade about Lisa R. this episode. I cannot fathom a woman in her mid 50s and a man in his 70s acting this way, saying vulgar, low-class things about others and myself. I am embarrassed for them. But at the end of the day, I am grateful. Because every time Lisa V. and Ken open their mouths, they reveal a little bit more about who they truly are.”

We all know that Ken Todd has his limits, when stupid bitches pummel his wife! Eileen can’t hit a “block” button, and make a tried and true fan favorite, disappear. In  the end, Eileen claims no regrets, and is proud of her “need for honesty.”

“I know I’ve joked many times about my need for honesty getting me in trouble, but I know where I stand with everyone now because of it. I feel stronger than ever that the best policy for my life is asking for and telling the truth. And looking back, as strange, and at times, appalling as it was, the clarity I have about everyone based on their actions and reactions is invaluable. I wouldn’t change anything that happened this year. Honestly.”

Wait—did Eileen ever crack a joke? I must have missed it. How do you think Eileen will play the reunion?


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