Kathryn Edwards Does NOT Believe Lisa Vanderpump Manipulated Lisa Rinna’s Munchausen Comment #RHOBH

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Kathryn Edwards-RHOBH

Well, that will be one birthday Kathryn Edwards will never forget. And not in a good way. When last we met up with our Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, the frost was thick between Eileen Davidson, Lisa Rinna, and Lisa Vanderpump. During the shopping trip to the most beautiful mall ever, the women iced LVP out, refusing to even speak to her. Kathryn tried to defuse, but it was useless.

“…the cold shoulders and tension between Lisa R, Eileen and Lisa V were palpable. I thought that we’d all be able to reconnect and have some shallow conversation over shopping and purchases–because that mall was fabulous–but no. I was trying to keep spirits up and act like I didn’t notice the ice between them, but I don’t think I was very convincing.”

Then off to the world’s tallest building, where Kyle Richards coached LVP on how to fake a sincere apology. Lisa gave it an effort.

“When Eileen said, “I really appreciate you saying that” with regard to Lisa V apologizing and Lisa V says “OK,” I read that as “now get over it,” and at that moment I could see that Eileen still felt like it wasn’t the apology she wants. UUUUUGH! I feel like a broken record at this point.”

At least Kathryn got some bonding time with Erika Girardi and her glam squad.

“I really did feel beautiful, and it was so nice of Erika to ask them to make me gorgeous for the night. We put the past behind us, and it felt like we finally forged a real friendship. While the others argued, we found our way.”

Then came the birthday dinner from which there was no escape.

“So off we go to that fabulous yacht, on this gorgeous night, for a birthday dinner that will go down as one of the biggest wastes of what could have been a great night. Let me paint the picture for you: …the Dubai skyline is amazing, the champagne is chilled and we all look like we should be enjoying a fairytale evening.”

Sorry, Kathryn. There are no fairytales in the land of Housewives.

“You all know the story…Rinna said Lisa V tried to throw Kyle under the bus, Kyle doesn’t care if she did or didn’t. Lisa V doesn’t want Kyle or any of us for that matter to believe she did that. Eileen is still pissed about the apology…”

Yes, we’ve heard this tale often. Over and over. Every week for the entire freaking season.

Rinna made the Munchausen comment. I don’t buy the manipulation accusation whereas Rinna wouldn’t have said it if she wasn’t goaded by Lisa V. Sorry, I’m a big believer in accountability. Rinna is a smart woman who has maneuvered Hollywood and much bigger sharks than Lisa V.

Kathryn continues to believe in LVP.

“Maybe I’m naive but I don’t see the master manipulator in Lisa V. She has never said one bad word about any of them to me. Not one. She never tried to convince me of anything.”

At least there was one bright spot to Kathryn’s evening.

“When my mom called to wish me a happy birthday, I lost it. She is getting older now and has developed dementia. She is still quite cognizant and lucid most times, but her short-term memory has been affected, so when my phone rang I was so happy to know she remembered the day and where I was.”

Take note Eileen and Rinna. That’s what life it all about.

So did you warm up to Kathryn this season? Would you like to see her return or do you want to toss her overboard?


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