RECAP: Real Housewives of Potomac—Katie Rost Calls Off Engagement, The Women Battle Over Race [Reunion Part 1]

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Real Housewives of Potomac Reunion Part one begins with Charrisse, Katie, and Karen whining about being dumped on by fans. Karen references the mole on her face, calling it a beauty mark. She thinks it is ignorant that anyone would comment about it. Andy comments that the internet is for haters and porn. Katie is upset by the personal advice she received from total strangers who thought she was too desperate to get married. No worries. She returned her engagement ring the day before the reunion. Fellow haters viewers, who didn’t see that coming? I would have been more surprised if there was an actual wedding, or even a set date! Karen is not surprised and Charrisse is happy that Katie isn’t rushing into marriage. A viewer wants to know if the women know that it is bad manners to point out the bad manners of others. Gizelle seems to agree, but the others feel they were within their rights to do so. There is a brief bit of sparring between Ashley and Karen about the “taking in strays” comment with Karen denying she called Ashley a stray. Then the focus transitions to a package of Karen segments, which include the Black Bill Gates, and many of Katie (and Andrew’s) snarky comments about Karen.


Another viewer reminds Grand Dame Karen that she grew up on a farm in Virginia.  She wants viewers to know she was never the one milking the cows, etc. What a tool. The people who loved her and clothed her, did.  She shouldn’t treat their hard work like it is beneath her. A viewer wants to know the real reason why Karen didn’t help Katie. She sticks to her story about being too busy. When asked about Katie’s comments about her podunk gathering, Karen responds by clapping out the phrase, “I know this hoe ain’t talking about me.” Katie is put on the hot seat by Gizelle, who taunts her for never  throwing an event at all – after Katie says she could have put the same party together in four days. Karen wants Katie to apologize to the individuals who suffer from alzheimer’s, and their caregivers , since she knows the cocktail party was the launch of a bigger event. WTF?  I am with Katie when she says she doesn’t owe them an apology, her comments weren’t about them. Karen says Katie shows up to pose  for pictures, only, she should open her wallet. Katie reminds her that she just raised 56k for another group and Gizelle, of course, interrupts to say it was a standing event, Katie just hosted it. Charrisse, who lives in Potomac, throws and attends a lot of charity events, confirms that she sees Katie at a lot of events, but not the other women. Karen snarks and smirks. Robyn thinks that having them come to cocktail party for nothing was wrong. They could have simply made donations. Karen thinks the comments are disgusting.  I am exhausted by these women. This reunion is all crossfire, nothing meaty, yet. 


When we return, we find out that the official O-gala is in two years. Karen has the 501(c)3 status, prompting Charrisse to ask why she is not simply moving forward on throwing the gala. I thought this was an annual event? Ok, not really because neither Karen nor her assistant knew that Cherry Blossoms could only be found in spring. Annual event? What gives? Gizelle disputes Karen’s claim that she ushered her into Potomac society.  Karen claims others began to like Gizelle when she did.  

Another viewer wants to know why Karen’s kitchen is not reflective of her claimed socioeconomic status she claims. HER business, she says. Asked about Andrew, she thinks he was on crack for his comments about her since she doesn’t really know him and has never had a conversation with him. The other women deny her denial knowing him. WOW, the audience is tough on Karen. Ashley is a cheshire cat. Andy stirs the pot by asking if Andrew was expressing Katie’s opinion. Gizelle reminds us that Katie told the audience that Andrew says what she is thinking. Andy reminds them of Gizelle’s tagline and Charrisse cuts with “it must be a small street.” Katie calls it a back alley. Katie hits at Karen and Gizelle’s sense of entitlement (okay). Karen makes fun of Andrew’s missing digit (which apparently is ok, as long as no one mentions her “beauty mark”).


The Ashley package is now played. A viewer wants to know why she allowed her mother to go bankrupt and we find out that she has been helping her mother by supplementing her income every month. She helps her quite a bit.  Despite the fact that Charrisse and Karen are her mother’s age, she does not see them as mother figures. Gizelle is taken to task for snarking about Ashley’s “afro.” She says that it doesn’t mean she doesn’t like it.  Her huge hair was all she could remember about that night. Ashley agrees with a viewer that the other women can be jealous. Gizelle blathers on with a denial. Another viewer wants to know why Ashley humped Robyn. Ashley didn’t think it was a big deal. Robyn did. A viewer takes Gizelle to task for the “THOT” comment and brings up the jealousy thing, again.  Ashley says that Gizelle lacks class and that she should be ashamed for her daughters to see her talking about another woman that way.  Katie stands up for fun-loving  Ashley, but takes swipes at “stick in the mud” Robyn and Gizelle at the same time. A viewer wants to know if Charrisse and Gizelle are extremely embarrassed by their behavior at the beach house. Charrisse smiles as Gizelle and Ashley rip into each other, and she escapes notice.

Charrisse _RHOP

The crab boil comes up.  All of the low-lights are played. Charrisse and Karen are hit  hard by fans for their use of the words “ghetto’ and “hood.” Charrisse tries to minimize it. Karen tries to minimize her use of the words “the help,” sparking a verbal fight with Robyn, who found the use incredibly offensive. It takes Karen a while to apologize. She says that she worked at Burger King and Taco Bell and knows what it means to work. More whining about not being centered during the birthday dinner, when a viewer says she has never heard of assigned seats. She jokes she might be sitting in Andy’s seat in a couple of years.

A viewer asks if Charrisse is upset that Karen made a scene at her  party but wouldn’t make a mess at her own. Andy corrects Karen’s “if I offended you” piss poor apology.  He calls it the classic housewife apology.  After the Robyn package, he next wants to know if Robyn and Juan have an open relationship (not really), if they will get married (there is a chance ), if she loves him (yes),  and is still in love with him (no, it is where she needs to get), is he in love with her (he says he is). Why did they get divorced?  Infidelity.  The other woman let her know what was going on, and that came after a series of infidelities. The divorce is the best thing to happen to them. Gizelle is asked about how she handled her husband’s infidelity.  She straight up says, “I’m divorced.” She can be funny. Charrisse speaks up in favor or Juan and of her hopes that the couple works things out.  Sir Andy wants to know if they have sex a lot. She says that it is not super passionate. They fulfill each other’s needs. Ouch! We also learn that the man who stole their money, a best friend, was in their wedding, was like an uncle to their children, and he took his life by jumping off of a bridge when the theft of their funds (hundreds of thousands) was revealed.

A viewer wants to know if Ashley should have been more sympathetic given her own mother’s plight.  She doesn’t feel she was unsympathetic, but feels that she shouldn’t have shared it. Robyn felt that Ashley was not very nice to her. Robyn didn’t like being humped. Ashley  still denies that she felt joy when she said it. Gizelle says that Robyn was nice to her and she would have known if she wasn’t drunk. Ashley thinks Gizelle was too busy holding up the wall and keeping her “titties’ in her corset to know what was going on. She says that only Katie was nice to her. Robyn wants to know if licking her face would have made her seem like a nicer person. Katie sides with Robyn on this one. Sharing the news about the bankruptcy wasn’t nice. Katie has stayed petty all night.  She then turns the situation on Gizelle, and about how wrong it was to gossip and the “Russell blog.” Katie sees the situations as the same.


Race and the butt grab come up next. The Katie package comes up, including Gizelle’s comments about Katie’s religion. A viewer begs Gizelle to do black people a favor and stop including us all into her stereotypes of what black people do and don’t do. WHAT?!?!? Gizelle admits to generalizing too much. Sadly, she does not regret it. Katie knock at  Gizelle and Robyn as being obsessed over race, again. Gizelle reminds the viewers that her family dealt with the klan and had crosses burned on their yard, so yes, race is important to her. She still feels that Katie is ashamed of being black. The same squabbles come up., until Katie goes too far calling the women, dumb and dumber. Robyn warns Andy that someone had better call security. Nothing happens. From the previews of next week’s show, there is no physical fight, but the verbal fight gets nastier all the way around. Oh. Wow.


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