Porsha Williams Accuses NeNe Leakes Of Being A Bad Friend & Casting A Curse On Her #RHOA

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Is Porsha Williams calling out NeNe Leakes for being a witch?

Porsha was not happy with the “curse” NeNe was trying to place on her during the reunion show for suggesting her anger issues could get her kicked to the Real Housewives of Atlanta curb, and cause her to lose work.

During the third installment of the RHOA reunion show, footage was shown of an altercation with Porsha giving her “friend” Jami a beat-down in the back alley after filming the season finale. On the couch with Andy Cohen, NeNe scolded Porsha for being involved in three fights for the season and warned her these actions could affect her brand name and her bank account. As it stands, some of her castmates don’t want to confront Porsha due to her tendency to take it to the streets.

So is Porsha’s peach rotting with producers and fans? She doesn’t think so. Porsha gave her response on Dish Nation and here’s what she had to say.

“I deal with energy and you have to understand me when someone’s trying to speak a curse upon you or when someone’s trying to encourage you and speak blessedly to your life. What I felt from what was a so-called a friend, was basically trying to cast curses against my career, that I won’t have jobs and things like that.”

In the meantime, Porsha will just pray for “people like that.”

“All I have to say is that I will pray for people like that and I will hope to have the discernment to know who is my friend and who is not my friend. And as far as my jobs are concerned, I have two successful companies, I just did Celebrity Apprentice and I am on a national, syndicated television show, Dish Nation, every single day.”


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