Get To Know ‘The Real Housewives of Dallas’ Before Tonight’s Premiere! [See Pics & Video]

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Dust off your boots, y’all, the fun is about to go down like a hoe-down in Texas!

Tonight is the premiere of Bravo’s newest franchise The Real Housewives of Dallas. Just a tip about Texas: although it is technically located in the south, Texans don’t consider themselves to be southerners. Texas is its own country, bigger and better, and it doesn’t get any deeper in the heart, than Dallas.

Thank you Bravo for giving us what we knew we wanted (an ex Dallas Cowboy cheerleader) and what we didn’t know we wanted (a carny kid) in this new series. Let’s meet the women we’ll be sharing our Monday evenings with:

Brandi Redmond – She’s our retired Dallas Cowboys cheerleader, though she is not on the sidelines. As long as Brandi is “taking communion” with her “Jesus juice” any time day or night, she is living a blessed life. Brandi and bff Stephanie may be the next Laverne and Shirley, but with a much bigger budget.

Stephanie Hollman – Is our sweet as pie, girl next door. Although she is all about raising funds for her favorite charities, when earning money for herself, all Brandi has to do is complete the to-do list her husband leaves her. (Enter shocked faces from RHONY here.)

Cary Deuber – Wasn’t born in Texas, but got there as fast as she could. She works with her plastic surgeon husband as an operative assistant while also running an aesthetic injectable office. What a great friend to have! Cary’s hobbies include a daughter, two step-children and yoga.

Tiffany Hendra – Is a former Hollywood actress who doesn’t want to fight, only to share her light. Along with her Aussie rocker husband, the couple recently moved back to the Big-D to be closer to family. And though they don’t have children of their own, Tiffany and Aaron are huge supporters of children’s charities.

LeeAnne Locken – This former beauty queen isn’t afraid to ruffle feathers. She’s not married, but loves her dogs, her boyfriend, her bff Tiffany, and her charity work equally. Best of all, LeeAnne was raised on the carnival circuit and this alone makes her the most original of all housewives ever. (Take that RHOBH!)

Tonight marks the premiere of RHOD debut episode and here’s what you can expect:

Cary hosts a benefit at her home where inappropriate behavior by best friends Brandi and Stephanie raises the ire of social maven, LeeAnne. Later, tensions boil over at a prestigious charity event as Stephanie is dragged into a feud between Brandi and LeeAnne.

Meanwhile, Leanne’s best friend, Tiffany, questions whether her recent move back to Dallas from Los Angeles was the right decision for her and her rocker husband, Aaron. 

Tune in tonight on Bravo at 10:00 pm ET for all the high-society fun where it’s who you know and how much you know about them.


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