‘RHOBH’ How Lisa Rinna Shifted The Munchausen Blame To Lisa Vanderpump

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Lisa Vanderpump_Lisa Rinna S6 Reunion RHOBH

Lisa Rinna spilled a foreshadowing truth when she spoke these words, earlier in theReal Housewives of Beverly Hills season.

[otw_shortcode_quote border=”bordered” border_style=”bordered” color=”#3366ff”]“When I was very young, my mom said to me—‘That mouth of yours is going to get you into trouble some day.’ This mouth has has gotten me into so much trouble, and I’ve also made a giant, enormous amount of money from this mouth getting me into trouble.”[/otw_shortcode_quote]

Viewers are familiar with Rinna’s loose lips, after watching her for two seasons. Rinna added a twist this go-round, when late in the game, she tried to unload one of her regretted verbal belches onto Lisa Vanderpump. How did Rinna shift the season consuming Munchausen rumor, from her oversized lips, into Vanderpump’s lap? Consider the sequence of events that has been revealed on the show.

The cast engages in off-camera chatter over Yolanda’s loony Instagram sickie pics. No shocker there—so did viewers across America.

Rinna gossips with her hairdresser, who repeats the rumor that Yolanda might be feigning or confusing her symptoms, to score attention—indicating that Munchausen Syndrome could be in the mix.

Next comes the cloudy period, where Rinna claims that Lisa Vanderpump nudged her into repeating the rumor, on camera. Vanderpump denies the accusation. 

Rinna repeats the rumor on camera, and very deliberately, I might add. Rinna claims to feel badly about dishing dirt about their cryptically ill friend—so she remedies her guilt by sharing the info with a bajillion viewers. Bravo deserves a shout-out here.

Rinna panics about being tagged as the lone big-mouth, and is peeved that none of the others are speaking up. She announces that everyone was gawking, and even laughing (GASP), over Yolanda’s ridiculous sickie-pics. She then equates the giggly eye-rolls with co-signing her Munch-blurt. The women vehemently deny having any part of spreading the dirty “M” word, which ticks (pun intended) Rinna off.

Eileen, who is working to sustain a boring rift with Vanderpump, dangles some Vander-bait for her favorite soap sister. Eileen seems to believes that Vanderpump is a mouthy busybody, so she ponders how it would behoove Vanderpump to lure Rinna into blasting the rumor. Eileen and Rinna determine that Yolanda and Vanderpump have “issues,” which seems feasible enough, at least to fans who don’t pay much attention. The master manipulator theory is floated on-camera, and they bully an unbudging Vanderpump into having to defend herself, over and over. How Kyle fits into the drama, is hotly debated. Several women are dramatically proclaimed pawns, and even casualties, lying helpless in the wreckage of the conjured up Yolanda/Vanderpump feud.

Fast forward to the reunion, taped before the cast knew how fans would react to the contrived nonsense. Rinna obnoxiously pushes Vanderpump, and then gets tangled in her own words, while jumping around in a tizzy, over some alleged phone conversations. Vanderpump states that she “rarely” talks to Rinna on her home phone. Rinna almost does a happy back flip, and whips out phone records to PROVE that they spoke on the phone, ten times. Rinna performed  the same standing Rinna-Jerk during last season’s reunion—this girl sure loves a signature look!

Rinna names herself the truth-champ, because Vanderpump said she “NEVER” calls her on her home phone. But Vanderpump didn’t say that. She said ‘rarely’ which is a much more relative term. Rinna is also adamant that Vanderpump sought to lure Kyle into the mess, with craftily worded suggestions. Vanderpump denies it. Rinna’s slip on the reunion couch, reveals that Rinna hears exactly what she wants to hear. “Rarely” instantly turned to “never,” so it’s not a stretch to believe that Vanderpump said one thing, and Rinna twisted it into another.

Who’s the manipulator now..hmmm? Rinna also blabbed that her noble husband stated that they should support Yolanda, “whether she’s sick or NOT.” WHOOPS—there  goes that mouth again!

Rinna admits a blurting problem, and also confesses a “shameless” pursuit of relevance. There is little doubt that she will jump through any hoops necessary, to keep her Bravo gig. Unfortunately for her, the fan favorite was put in her line of fire. The bottom line is that the HAIRDRESSER did it—she just isn’t a reality star. That irony isn’t lost on me — perhaps Rinna needs to find a new one.


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