‘Teen Mom 2’ Jenelle Evans Slit Her Wrists In Suicide Attempt—See PHOTOS To Support Claim

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Jenelle Evans_Teen Mom 2

Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith have been entrenched in a tumultuous  struggle, since the couple split, and parted ways last year.

The 27-year-old father has now dropped an explosive bomb about the Teen Mom 2 star, claiming that Evans, 24, tried to commit suicide, after their final breakup.   Griffith made the accusation, when he filed court paperwork, in response to Evans’ legal pursuit of custody of their one year old son, Kaiser. Evans filed for primary custody on March 3rd, and Griffith responded, filing papers which included the shocking allegation, on April 6th.

Court papers reveal that Griffith alleges that Evans threatened to harm herself after the split, and followed the threat by cutting her wrists. Reportedly, an insider claims that Jenelle denies the accusation. The papers read,

[otw_shortcode_quote border=”bordered” border_style=”bordered” color=”#0000ff”]“That because of the separation of Plaintiff [Evans] and Defendant [Griffith], Plaintiff threatened self-harm and/or suicide and did, in fact, slice her wrists with a knife.”[/otw_shortcode_quote]

Below are two photos captured from Jenelle’s Instagram page in March 2015. The photos show a cut wound on the inside of her arm and the other shows Jenelle wearing a bandage while playing with her eldest son, Jace. The photos have now been deleted  by Evans

Jenelle Evans_Teen Mom 2

Jenelle Evans slit wrist with bandages Teen Mom 2

Griffith claims that medical attention was sought, after the dangerous incident.

[otw_shortcode_quote border=”bordered” border_style=”bordered” color=”#0000ff”]“That’s when Plaintiff sliced her wrists… Plaintiff was taken to a hospital in Horry County where her self-inflicted knife wounds were sutured to stop the profuse bleeding.”[/otw_shortcode_quote]

Evans has admitted to keeping Kaiser from seeing Griffith, and their past attempts at coexisting as parents, have been littered with conflict. Nathan had to answer in court for a larceny charge, after repossessing his own vehicle, that contained some of Jenelle’s belongings. Evans is set to answer in court herself, after striking Nathan’s girlfriend with a glass, and being arrested for assault.

Evans cites inadequate living quarters, and supposed steroid use, in her argument for primary custody. Nathan is seeking sole custody of Kaiser, but is supposedly open to allowing Jenelle visitation. He plans to argue Jenelle’s repeated arrests, alleged drug use, decisions to allow questionable friends to care for the toddler—and more. The suicide allegation adds a whole new layer, to a battle that is sure to be ugly.


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