‘RHOBH’ Lisa Vanderpump Calls Out Eileen Davidson & Lisa Rinna’s Bullying After Disastrous Dubai Trip

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I have to give it to Lisa Vanderpump. Tuesday night on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, we watched her sit at a table full of venomous women with nothing better to do than count up petty grievances and ruin a once in a lifetime trip. How LVP didn’t throw herself overboard to get away from the crazy still amazes me. I don’t know how to swim, but I would have been tempted to head for shore.

“I have a strong sense memory as I recall how I felt sitting on that yacht for hours, frustrated, hurt and tired of the continual lambasting from ED and LR… I can’t begin to explain how those days felt. Many tears were shed on the phone. I did not want to get on that boat, even the journey home (26 hours) being ignored, is all a form of silent bullying, something I would never be a party to.”

I’m not sure I would use the word bullying, but honestly, it’s just a word. And LVP’s experience is her own. She probably felt bullied, or at least ganged up on, being stuck so far away from home without one person having her back. And no matter what Kyle Richards says, she did not support Lisa. At all. She was more concerned about what the other women thought of her. She’s not a good friend. Never has been.

“But the real issue here is the importance of two words and how they can radically change the meaning and inference of a sentence. I want to kill you, I DO NOT want to kill you…I wish Kyle would’ve understood that, or even given me the benefit of the doubt and drawn her opinion from my sentiment all season, that I was firmly by her side.”

LVP is especially disgusted by Lisa Rinna.

“We all have seen the footage of LR avidly displaying the diagnosis of Munchausen’s… How she can attempt to pass the blame, deflect from her own actions beggars belief. … we should now revisit and remind ourselves of Amsterdam, how she smashes a glass, goes to strangle Kim, tells her she loves her, then sends “f— you up” texts. These are all the rantings of someone who is not playing with a full deck.”

But Rinna is merely a puppet.

“She is obviously motivated by Soapy, to funnel her aggression in my direction,”Come on LR…attack!” Soapy in the wings, salivating with LR center stage, trying desperately to deflect from her own actions and Sudsy prompting her.”

LVP is convinced that both Eileen Davidson—forever known to me from now on as Soapy—and Rinna are trying to cover their own asses.

“Guilt of their actions with regard to Munchausesn [sic] and infidelity is their motivation.”

Lisa is over it. Sure, she gave Soapy a false apology—after issuing at least three others. How many times does she have to say “sorry”?

“I apologized to her once more as I was tired of her nasty accusatory assertions. I was still mystified as to where her anger came from–the initial conversation in the Hamptons had provoked no reaction until 36 hours later.”

If she had it to do over again, LVP would play it differently.

“At the time I liked Eileen, found her a little boring…but it was never my intention to hurt her when I mentioned casually “the affair.”…after seeing so much nastiness where I have never retaliated, I would have asked her how she felt screwing some other woman’s husband. That actually, in retrospect, speaks volumes.”

Amen, sister. Soapy has been steering this ship all season. She tries to act reasonable and play the peacemaker, the truth-teller. I call BS, people. Eileen had an agenda. I don’t know if it was A) a deflection from her own life B) a ploy to stir up drama or C) to take down Vanderpump. I think all she managed to do was annoy viewers.

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So what’s your take? Is LVP the victim or did she deserve to get skewered? Or was she, indeed, bullied?


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