Yolanda Hadid Attacks Lisa Vanderpump’s Character “Be A Woman Other Women Can Trust”

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Last night brought us to one episode away from wrapping the regular season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. The drama is reaching a feverish, though ridiculous pitch, as the women travel back to the states for one final showdown.

Viewers watched fan favorite, Lisa Vanderpump be verbally pummeled into the deck of a yacht, and Yolanda Foster picnic at home, with Brandi Glanville and Kim Richards. Yolanda touts a deep friendship with the duo dismissed from Bravo’s 90210, due to raging addiction and fan rejection. Yolanda posted a mini lecture on her Instagram last night, telling her followers how she feels.


It appears that someone is jealous that she wasn’t overseas to indulge in the gang-up of the season. Pretty feisty for a sick woman, struggling to recover. A “loyal tribe” and “honest” are two words that cannot coexist in Yolanda’s vocabulary, when proclaiming her lofty requirements for a friend. Yolanda has taught us that a loyal friend is one who does not question, doubt, or disagree with one syllable of her self-important lectures, or carefully created reality. Yolanda wants no whispering behind her back, but allows only salutes of Lyme-solidarity to her face. WHO is she kidding?

Yolanda hates private chatter, so she needs to explain what SHE was doing, every time she powwowed with her obedient pal, Brandi. Yolanda should have her own “loyal tribe” membership revoked.

One last thing—what kind of grown woman uses the word “haters” while trying to make an adult and valid point? Evidently, only lyme kool-aid fans   pass the muster with Yolanda Hadid, the barefoot warrior of all things loving and true. Yolanda probably adored the “honest” pounding on Lisa, and even Rinna and Eileen’s ridiculous, contrived manipulation theories. It’s a shame that fans, aka “haters,” see right through the web of polluted nonsense.


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