‘RHOP’ Karen Huger Explains Her Ejaculate Comment to Ashley “Once She Holds Her Own Child She Will Understand My Boundaries”

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Karen Huger is a mama bear on steroids. On The Real Housewives of Potomac, she took umbrage with younger Housewife, Ashley Darby, getting to know her daughter. Now, keep in mind that Karen’s daughter, Rayvin, was seventeen at the time and only months away from heading out to college. I’m still not sure what Ashley did to Karen that was so awful, but Karen banned her from even speaking Rayvin’s name.

The women all met for lunch to hash out their differences. Gizelle Bryant handed out a “reservation” sign like it was a talking stick. The moment Karen had that sign in her hand, she went ballistic on Ashley, telling her to back off from talking about her daughter. The doyen of Potomac etiquette then gave Ashley a little sex advice: don’t make you husband use the pull-out method, have a kid of your own, and get her greedy little hands off Karen’s baby girl.

Just to put this into perspective, Ashley made an off the cuff comment that she’d like to become better acquainted with Rayvin and get to know Karen a little better. So why all this hostility? Maybe Karen can shed some light.

“My emotions were very raw. I was very much still in my mama bear mode concerning Ashley.”

Yes, but why Karen? Why?!!!!!

Ashley shared with as all, her desire to have her own child; she very much wants to be a mom. I wish that for her as well. I feel that once she holds her own child in her arms she will better understand my boundaries/perspectives concerning parenting and my desire to protect my child.”

Nope, I still don’t get it. But is she cool with Ashley now that the season is over?

“I had not seen nor spoken with Ashley going into the reunion and emotions on both sides were still very high. I walked away from the luncheon feeling we had made progress but there was still work to be done.”

Now that Rayvin’s in college, has Karen backed off a little?

Rayvin is doing great in college. While it was an adjustment for me she handled it like a pro and lovingly made sure I did NOT make my monthly visits as I had planned.”

Thanks a lot, Karen. You’ve cleared up nothing for me. Not one thing!

So what do you think? Was Karen right to be so protective? She did an awful lot of squawking over precious little. Do you want her and the other Potomac ladies to return for a second season?


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