Kyle Richards Talks Her Friendship With Lisa Vanderpump And Lisa Rinna & Eileen Davidson’s Bullying! #RHOBH

Posted on Apr 6 2016 - 9:26am by Terri L. Austin


Kyle Richards and Sonja “Sexy J” Morgan were guests on Watch What Happens Live last night. I guess Kyle is very excited about the upcoming season of Game of Thrones because she dressed like our favorite crow, Jon Snow. Sonja’s interns manned the bar and Andy Cohen was giddy with delight that The Real Housewives of New York returns tonight.

What didn’t impress Andy was the Dubai mall in the latest episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Kyle admits there wasn’t anything in the mall that she couldn’t get in L.A. What about golf cart chauffeurs? Can you get them in L.A.? I think not!

Last night on the yacht, Kyle was torn between Lisa Rinna’s version of the Munchhausen facts and Lisa Vanderpump’s. Like the good people of Switzerland, Kyle tried to stay neutral. (And then she accused LVP of being a big British liar.) Kyle goes so far as to maintain that she stuck by LVP through it all. Ha!

“I didn’t just find out anything. This is something that happened months ago, and I dealt with it in the moment. When Lisa Rinna brought it up I said…it’s over. I don’t want to be brought into this….Lisa and I are in a good place and I want to stay there.”

RHONY is back tomorrow. In a sneak peek, we see Bethenny Frankel and Ramona Singer spilling the tea about Sonja’s drinking habits. Bethenny says that on a scale from one to ten, Sonja was recently at a twenty on the tipsy scale. And she was hitting on married men, too. (Not cool, Sonja!) Ramona claims she’s backed off of her friendship with Sonja because she doesn’t want people to think she and Sonja are twinsies. Ramona doesn’t drink too much or get too frisky.

Sonja sat in the clubhouse and rolled her eyes, honey. Those baby blues did a full three-sixty rotation.

“Well, I haven’t had any complaints about being too frisky. I have to say, that is the kettle calling…what’s that saying? I mean, that girl has an IV for her pinot from morning to night.”

In other news, Kyle whacked eight inches off her hair. It looked nice. The same, just shorter. But you know, nice. 

So does Kyle think the ladies were “bullying” LVP?

“I think bullying is a strong word… However, they had an issue with Lisa, and they felt they had to discuss it and that’s what we do on the show. So I’m sure that Lisa felt like that, but I think they were just expressing their opinion. But I chose not to be a part of that.”

A caller wondered if it were true that Sonja used to date Luann de Lesseps’ fiancé?

“I love him. A lot. He’s a great guy…I want them to be happy, and I’m very excited about their upcoming nuptials.”

Andy pressed, “Did you date him?”

Sonja shrugged. “I thought everyone knew that. It was in all the news. When I was dating him, it wasn’t in the news because we were very discreet.”

Or he just didn’t want the general public to know he hit that. That’s my guess, but I’ve been wrong before. That one time.

We got a RHOBH sneak peek of next week’s finale. Rinna and Kim Richards try to sort things out. When Rinna said she wanted Kim to get better, Kim took it as a personal attack. Kyle admitted it was hard to keep a friendship with Rinna when she makes nasty comments about Kim. But how is Kyle’s friendship with LVP?

Lisa and I are great which is why I didn’t want to rock the yacht in Dubai.”

Last night, Brandi Glanville reprised her role as The Inappropriate One and wore a shirt that read, “It’s not fun to be sober” around Kim. What’s Kyle’s take?

“I thought it was very insensitive. I wasn’t shocked by it because nothing she does shocks me, but I thought it was very insensitive.”

So how are Luann and Carole Radziwell? Still bitter enemies? Sonja gives us a hint.

“You’ll have to tune in. There’s a lot going on between the two of them and it doesn’t start out on a good foot.”

A caller asked Kyle why she thinks Rinna keeps bringing up the M-word and pointing the finger at LVP.

“I think she just talks too much. I think she likes to talk about other people’s lives and not her own.”

One thing to look forward to, besides never hearing the word “Munchhausen” again, on RHONY: Luann moves in with Sonja. Andy compared it to Grey Gardens and noted that Sonja and Luann were sitting around in their negligees and fur coats. I wonder which Housewife resembles Little Edie.

Kyle stated that she thought the root of the problem between LVP and Yolanda Hadid was “probably something to do with Mohamed and the relationships there.” Well no shit, Kyle. No. Shit.

The poll question asked us to take sides between LVP and the rest of the cast. LVP won at 79%.

So what did you think of last night’s show? Is LVP lying about setting Kyle up or are Rinna and Eileen Davidson cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs?


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  • Lila

    Though I’m sick of this story line, I think LVP is not telling the whole truth so yes, she’s lying. Love her ,but one of her faults is not owning her sh*t. Why can’t she just admit it and be done!? C’mon fess up. Makes her look worse.
    I hope RHONY doesn’t drag us through Sonja’s ‘drinking’ problem or Beth’s illness. ie Brook’s cancer, Yo’s lyme. Enough.

    • RubyT

      I agree with you 1000%. Lisa shoots sideways, then ducks for cover. And, you’re right, she will never own up to it. I believe Kyle has been her friend, in not saying anything about it til her back was against a wall. I love my friends, but would not lie, or deny, for them…I would do what Kyle has done, and do my best to keep out of it…but would not let them re-write what I knew to be true.

      • Lila

        Well said

  • anonymous

    LVP needs to leave this show. She doesn’t need all this crap. Eileeeeen and her puppet mouth piece are so full of donkey s***. These housewives are the worst of all of series. LVP needs to say bye FELICIA to all of them including Andy

  • dj j

    When are they ever gonna learn? Every time someone tries to take down lvp it just makes them look petty and ridiculous

  • MidwestMiddie

    Kyle is a 60 Second Turn Around Friend ………no friend at all. And while she may think
    she and Lisa VP are back to their old friendship, I think, she is mistaken. Both Ken and
    Lisa wil never forget how Kyle and Mauricio dissed them.

    • LuxLuxLux

      I think Kyle totally turned the convo around on the boat to play the victim with all her talk about semantics- what Rinna said LVP said vs what LVP says she said seem very different to me. Then again I’ve been watching since season 1 so maybe LVP’s manipulation powers reached me through the screen over all these years.

      I think Kyle is a fun friend but I don’t know how anyone can trust her.

    • chacha1


    • BriannaG

      “Kyle is a 60 Second Turn Around Friend…” It’s perfect description of Kyle)

  • Kyle looks so much better now that she finally cut her hair. If I hear them say Munchhausen one more time I think I’ll scream!

    • Lila

      Then start screaming ‘cuz you’ll be hearing it plenty if you watch the reunion.???????? Lol

  • chacha1

    Actually LVP needs to distance herself from Kyle, Kyle has back stabbed her so many times she must feel like a pin cushion and was BFF’s with Brandi …. Kyle believes everyone else but never LVP and when Kyle threatened LVP that she would take her down in flames that would have done it for me. Kyle is in the same class as her sister Kim, Eileen, Rinna , Brandi and Yolanda, low class, all trash back stabbing school girl bitches…..

    • Perturbed

      Agree with all 3 of you: ChaCha, Brianna & JustSayin! LVP may be no angel, but she is a loyal friend. I’ve seen her stick up for Kyle many times over the years, but NEVER have I seen Kyle do the same! LVP has even stuck up for underdogs like Brandi & Kim when she thought they were being unfairly maligned. But Kyle doesn’t see that – she’s only looking out for #1 and therefore incapable of being a true friend. And yes ChaCha, Kyle is definitely reacting to social media & viewer polls! If that poll came out 79% for the others, you can bet Kyle would’ve said “oh yes, that’s why I stayed out of it”. Such a phony. I’m SO HAPPY I voted last night & LVP won!

      • chacha1

        Thank you Perturbed for seeing that for yourself, as soon as Andy said she was on the other side with the other slugs she then she said she wanted to be on the side of LVP for the poll,

  • JustSayin

    I hate the way Kyle keeps seeming to imply that her and LVP are good now, so she just doesn’t want to hear anything that might disturb that. It’s like she’s saying she agrees with the bullshit the other ladies are saying, but she’s choosing to stay out of it, for the sake of her friendship with LVP.

    How about you show your friend some fucking loyalty? Because otherwise you DO just look like an ass kissing lackey to the Queen. Which we all know you are, at this point. After several failed attempts to take her down, you’ve finally realized it’s safer to be friends with the fan favorite.

    • chacha1

      when Andy announced the poll and it was JUST LVP against those low class slugs, Kyle jumped right in and wanted to hitch her ass to the LVP count …. she is always trying to tag team with LVP when she realizes yet again, the fans just do not like her or her sister or trust her mean ass

    • BriannaG

      I sooo agree! Kyle knows no loyalty and is not a friend to LVP. LVP is not an angel, but Kyle is a coward and a user. If LVP was loosing overall in that situation, Kyle would switch sides in a heartbeat.

      If Kyle said she was done with the situation, she should not talk about it at all. Especially at the restaurant with Rina and Davidson and behind LVP’s back. Period.

      • rowenaagnew

        Kyle is a TOTAL BI☆☆H – She is a hateful cow in the literal since, her best “friend” FAYE Ohh God the actual name makes me feel physically sick ewww!! She used Faye as her mouthpiece against Many including Brandy (alot of ugly, oldies just jealous) Camille, Lisa and many others – were on the end of plastic MORALLY, CORRUPT and above an beyond ALL TRAMPY PLASTIC FAYE WHOREBAG…..Kyle is a low down Dirty Sister and from the press History she should Concentrate on her “GIRLS” Behaviour….. Go Kyle swing that pony tail, give an Air Kiss an do the Splits! Thank God I don’t hve such a vicious, vindictive Sister……

  • Bryan


    • MidwestMiddie

      How unusual …….she lengthened her nose. : )