‘RHOBH’ Production Strikes Back At Lisa Vanderpump’s Claim They Made Her A Target

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Lisa Vanderpump has been defending herself on social media, after being shaded by her Real Housewives of Beverly Hills co-star, Yolanda Foster. Yolanda alluded to Lisa’s lack of support, when she missed a Lyme charity gala, which was later highlighted on the show.  Bravo dragged viewers through the spectacle, while Lisa jetted to the U.K. to renew her passport, so she could travel with the cast, to Dubai. Lisa has received flack on social media, with some accusing her of deliberately dodging the event.

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Lisa called out Bravo for setting her up as a target for such backlash, rather than airing footage proving that the necessary trip was required by production. As we have already reported, Lisa tweeted Bravo and Evolution Media, to let them know how she felt, about the contrived editing. Evolution offered a snotty response, reminding her that they aired a snippet clip, allowing her to tell her own story.

It is obvious that Evolution deliberately passed on addressing Lisa’s point. Bravo chose to dedicate an entire segment of the show to Yolanda’s Lyme-Raiser, while ignoring Lisa’s simultaneous reality. Fans rallied to support Lisa’s unusual blast, on a network that threw her to the wolves. 

Bravo tirelessly supports the ultimate manipulator of the season, Yolanda Foster-then, Hadid-now. The network highlights every nuance of Yolanda’s  quasi-illness, and resorts to tossed off cast members, to supply sympathy, and synchronized validation. The whole season has been crafted around a woman who shows up whenever she feels like it, with little evident concern  or commitment to production. Yolanda self-obsessively spins the cast in circles, with Bravo’s blessing.   

I find it bizarre that Bravo has chosen to sell out their fan foundation, while uplifting and hawking a rickety character who has proven herself sneaky, and unreliable. A known drunk and a junkie shoplifter are Bravo’s go-to cheerleaders, for their Lymey darling. However, it must be hard to hear their slurring support, through the roar of Lisa Vanderpump fans.    


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