‘RHOA’ Apollo Nida Caught By Prison Officials With Contraband Cell Phone

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Apollo Nida_RHOA

Apollo Nida, 37, estranged husband of Phaedra Parks, 44, was caught recently with prison contraband.

Not drugs or weapons, but a cell phone! Where do prisoners hide cell phones? 

According to prison officials, the former Real Housewives of Atlanta star used his contraband cell phone to call friends and family from the Fort Dix Correctional Institute.

In August 2014, Nida began serving an 8-year prison sentence for conspiracy to commit mail, wire, and bank fraud.  Apollo was also ordered to pay $2 million restitution to his victims. He initially began serving his sentence at FMC in Lexington, Kentucky then was transferred to Fort Dix Correctional Institute in New Jersey, late last fall. 

Cell phones are a major problem in the prison system because they are used to make threats, plan escapes and for inmates to continue to make money from illegal activity even while behind bars. Therefore, Apollo‘s punishment is harsh,

“The prison staff took Apollo’s violation very seriously,” the Fort Dix source tells Radar. “He was taken out of camp with the general population and placed in maximum security.”

Despite Phaedra‘s ties to alleged crimes, The Real Housewives of Atlanta star is not suspected of smuggling in the cell phone during her visit a few months ago. The source asserts,

“Phaedra has not been questioned.” 

Reportedly, Nida has alienated fellow inmates with his big ego, the insider reveals.

“Apollo is not well-liked among the other prisoners because he thinks he’s still a famous reality star,” the source explains. “He wanted special treatment, and had a hard time adjusting to prison life.”


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