RECAP: Real Housewives of Potomac — The Ladies Put All Their Issues On The Table [Season 1 Finale]

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“Fifty Sense” Jackson is recovering from her fab 50th birthday party. She is happy, even still, though mentions that the only downside is that her husband wasn’t there.  I wonder if he is remorseful for not showing up for much a significant milestone. Gizelle and Robyn are getting their children together to go horseback riding. Robyn wants the children to spend more time together since there aren’t many African-American families in their community and she wants her children to spend time with others who share their culture.  They talk about children of color and privilege who seem lost, not knowing who they are. They don’t want that to happen to their children.  They are still annoyed by having been called biracial. Gizelle wants to throw a luncheon to air differences and to teach Ashley and Katie something about heritage.  Rayvin and Karen are packing for college and mama bear is trying to talk to baby bear about taking care of herself.  


Rayvin, who is not planning to come home for at least a month, maybe two, wants her parents to take care of themselves. Karen doesn’t like it that her daughter wants to stay away for so long. I am guessing it didn’t help for her to hear that her parents are dating, again. Help that child when she sees the clips and hears the discussion about handcuffs and feathers. Rayvin won’t commit to having lunch on her 18th birthday, since she doesn’t know what her friends may have planned. Karen wants a purity pledge for at least the first year which includes no kissing. The look on her daughter’s face says that it may be too late for the “no kissing” pledge. Still they shake hands. Citing her daughter as “classy” gives her the chance to rip Ashley, again, as unsuitable to be around Rayvin.


Katie and Andrew are in the car. How long before the “marriage” talk begins? They are headed to a farm in Virginia, one she bought when she was modeling.  Funny, that being on the farm relaxes her when Karen seems to be running so hard from having been raised on a farm. They start talking about Charrisses’ party and Andrew comments that he noticed that “bug-eyed weirdo” and “stick in the mud” (Robyn and Gizelle) weren’t dancing.  Not only does this man seem to not respect Katie, he does not seem to care if he blows up her relationships with the other women. Katie should not be letting this guy trash other women on screen like that. It is not a good look. They bring up the butt grabbing incident and Andrew jokes that he thinks Michael has had a thing for him all along. When Gizelle calls to extend the luncheon invitation, Andrew does a floppy head impression and Katie does a penis-in-mouth impression. Hard to believe Andrew won’t marry her. Does he really think he is better in some way?  He wishes it was face time so he could see her “bug eyes.” In a TH, Katie wonders why a nice Jewish girl like her would want a come-to-Jesus moment. Andrew uses that moment to let Katie know that he is planning to spend a week in Scotland playing golf, and she’s not invited. I don’t think golf is the only thing he’s playing.


Ashley and Michael have a rooftop lunch together, at home. She wants him to get ready for the Michshley train, creating a child named Hawthorne or MJ – he doesn’t have a say in the baby names. He promises to start trying one month after the restaurant opens, as long as they break even. They have their first baby (Geronimo, their pup), and their second baby (the restaurant). He promises to try for the real thing. She does mention being a stepmom, to his children, which are more her peers than stepchildren. They bring up Gizelle’s luncheon and Michael mentions that he doesn’t get Karen, whose complaints don’t match up with who they are. He is far more respectful than Andrew is. I also think he is right. Karen’s complaints are just odd, to me.  


Speaking of, at the farm, Katie and Andrew head for the vortex (the farm’s peaceful energy center where they commune with nature). The property manager has cut back more of the yard than usual. They arrive at the vortex, a place where they talked about building their house. When they arrive there is a surprise waiting for Katie. Andrew PROPOSES! Dear me, I wish I cared. I don’t. She does make him nervous by hesitating before saying yes. She feels lucky.  I feel creeped out by this couple. He tells her that an engagement and a marriage are two different things and “jokes” about a 5 to 7-year engagement.  


At home, Gizelle and her girls are cooking as her very handsome father, Curtis, arrives.  She tells us about her father’s work at the beginning of the civil rights movement, especially in Texas.  Herman (who she no longer sees) has helped add her father’s name to the congressional record.  He will be recognized by congress for his work.  Over lunch with his daughter and granddaughters, he begins to tell a story about working with MLK, Jr. Gizelle points out that her family’s history and their struggles as the reason the biracial comment is so hard for her to hear. I don’t get the idea that being bicultural means you don’t get to continue to celebrate culture. Wouldn’t it mean you have multiple cultures to appreciate?  

We see the Gizelle cam following her dad on the day of his recognition. She is so proud. The Ashley cam follows her as she shows off her new restaurant.  The Karen cam follows her daughter leaves for college. No more cams are needed as the “Come to Jesus” luncheon begins. Gizelle wants everyone to stay until differences are aired and slates are wiped clean. Robyn is with her. Karen follows and jokes about Gizelle appropriately being seated at the center. Karen whines that she tried to mentor Ashley, who has “shown her ass”…classy. Robyn fights for another chance for Ashley, Karen is done. Enter “Fab At 50 Charrisse.” Next comes a nervous Ashley. They doubt Katie will attend, so they order food. Gizelle wants the women to not speak unless they have the “reserved” sign so that they can do what they never do – listen to each other.


Karen goes in on Ashley over Rayvin, and is told that no one wants to take the child out for body shots. Karen tells Ashley to stop letting her husband pull out, let him ejaculate, so that she can have a baby of her own and leave her child alone. She is not to put Rayvin’s name in her mouth until she, Ashley, becomes a woman. Is this crap for real? It is tasteless, tacky, and cruel. Ashley is insulted and reminds Karen that she has taken shots at their marriage and acted as if Michael was at THEIR beach house to get into her panties.  Karen is called judgmental but claims to only judge what she is given. Sure. It is exactly why she calls Ashley a wet cat in heat. Charrisse is horrified.


Katie, who arrives late, says she is in a “love bubble” and announces her engagement. She wants to stay in the bubble as Robyn wants to address the biracial comment. Robyn wants to give her a black history lesson. Katie doesn’t want it and recounts the issues from the party. Katie doesn’t care to get involved with the confusion Robyn feels. Gizelle throws herself into it, and says that the butt grab was disrespectful to Ashley, who doesn’t feel disrespected. They argue over Katie commenting on not knowing whether she is black or white on any given day and Gizelle snaps that Katie acts like it is a problem to be black. Katie calls Gizelle a stupid woman who says stupid things – telling her that she just likes talking about herself and sucking the out of the room.


Charrisse agrees that too many comments about race have come up. Karen says that they need to respect each other’s boundaries (WHAT?) and she then addresses Ashley. She says that the Darbys are dynamic but they don’t respect her boundaries, either. It sets off a moment of grace and Katie apologizes for the “stupid woman” comments and apologizes to Robyn. Robyn wants her to know that she is not a racist, she simply asked an ignorant question. Charrisse is asking everyone to be more understanding, embrace and love each other more. The last episode ends on a positive note, including a toast to Katie.


We get a word to describe the group,  and final update, from each woman:

Charrisse: “Happiness.” She can now doggie paddle without assistance, but Eddie is still not there to see it.  He is (or was) in New Jersey when the show was winding down.

Katie: “Love.” The couple has broken up and gotten back together. They have yet to set a wedding date. I hope tag is a joke when it suggests that he is looking a June (2022) wedding date.

Karen: “Wealth.” She is still dating her husband. She waited a month before visiting her daughter at college and talks with her 4 times a day.  I hope that is a joke, too.

Gizelle: “All.” Her make-up line is called EveryHue. She is not getting back with her ex, and poor Herman doesn’t have a shot, either.

Ashley: “Dynamic.” Oz has opened, they haven’t broken even, so no baby either.

Robyn: “Progress.” The couple’s house went into foreclosure but they are now in a smaller house, with an updated kitchen (oh Karen). No news on head coaching jobs, yet.


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  • Lila

    Good recap North. Thanks. But I’m lost. What was the ignorant question about racism and who asked it? I’ve certainly missed something last week.

  • Chloe

    Andrew only proposed for the camera. He knows that he does not want desperate Katie as a wife. Bravo please do not bring her back next season.

    • BriannaG

      Actually, according to the reunion preview, Andrew didn’t even show up to film, and Katie showed up without her engagement ring. It was All for camera, of course.

  • Chloe

    Seems like Katie is more concerned about race. She keep bringing up being biracial. Katie doesn’t look “mixed” to me. I think Katie hates Gizelle and Robyn because they look half the part she so desperately want to look like and people can’t tell she is biracial. Not sure why any of this matters in 2016.

    • CNN

      Agreed. I get the vibe that Katie hates that she’s not as light skin as Gizelle and Robyn. I sense some serious animosity going on there.

      • Chloe

        Katie is in denial. She’s a black woman, who is scamming people into believing that she had a white jewish father. I am not buying her story. Her mom lied. Even if she dyed her hair blonde, she would still be a black women fighting her blackness lol.

    • RonnieRIB

      BINGO!!!! That is EXACTLY why she is pissed at them….google her..she doesn’t look mixed at all….

    • A.P. Millz-CT

      OMG! Yes!!!!!!!!!!! Katie doesn’t look biracial, she looks full black. She’s jealous of Gizelle and Robyn b/c they have light skin and light eyes she wishes she had AND THEY ARE FULL BLACK! LMAOOOOO Ugh I can’t stomach Katie.

      • Chloe

        You got that right.

  • bren

    Oh that picture of Karen..LOL She is one unfortunate looking woman.

  • RonnieRIB

    Great recap Norrth

    I feel Karen is that auntie I would love to hang out with..but don’t piss her off…she will cuss you out and put you in your place…Ashley is immature and speaks out of both sides of her mouth, when her husband is present…and when his freaky azz isn’t. And she and Katie only want to USE Karen for her connections..Period.

    I cannot stand Katie..she is one of those girls who is a wannabe. Her mixed up azz (and it has NOTHING to do with culture or color) is like the movie Imitation of Life. She wants to be perceived as white or even jewish..and not black at all…now….but back in the day when she was “modeling” she was sporting a short fro that wasn’t straight or weaved at all for those print ads with Covergirl and Loreal..or yeah she also posed on the cover of Honey..mag…an urban magazine…now she is all….biracial..the only thing she is is bi-curious…google her….you will see why her first marriage went caput…allegedly….she likes the girls….allegedly…whatever. Thirsty ass just wants to be married so bad again….which is why he dumped her.

    Gizelle…good or bad I like her. I love the dynamic she has with her kids and her father. Her ex husband was a dirty dirty cheater and liar with kids outside their marriage, during their marriage…it was all over the news…his “christian ways”..he must have been the head of the same church hooka Porsha attended.

    Poor Robyn….gurl you have your degree..get a real job, hustle and build yourself back up. Dump the ex…he is just living off you so he doesn’t have to pay child support (cannot afford it) and until he gets his next big gig…

    Charisse…I can’t…..

    • BriannaG

      ITA, Ronnie.
      I like Karen, she read Ashley well.
      Ashley’s ” I am young an inexperienced ” thing didn’t work for me. She knows what she does,and is a good manipulator. She is also a user, she doesn’t even like Karen, she just needs her connection.
      Her husband is the same. A also saw the reunion preview where Ashley’s husband went after Karen’s age trying to insult her. Low lives.

      Kathy is annoying with her desperation for the marriage. Hard to watch.

      Robin and Giselle are annoying and racists, IMHO, sorry. I didn’t buy “it was just a question” explanation. They were constantly making racial remarks and throwing jabs. This is what is was.

      Charisse is OK, sometimes fun, but mostly boring…

    • LOVE Karen. She makes the show for me, personally.

      • BriannaG

        me too)))

  • TartLemon

    If Katie’s Mother is Jewish, she is considered Jewish.

    I can’t get into Karen. She’s too negative and judgemental. Doesn’t matter what anyone says or does, she has a negative opinion. YUK! Robyn is a bigot which completely turns me away.

    Giselle ALMOST dares to have a good time then snaps back to remember she’s got a different role to play. Charisse seems to be trying to stay out of the judgement fray and I can respect that.

  • Digitus impudicus

    These are the most freakish, nightmarish photos I have seen. I vote to change the name to Real Housewives of Hell. That one chick needs an exorcist.

  • Anica1

    Ashley is a breath of fresh air and sunshine with a shiny bow wrapped around it……every other woman on this show is a Debbie Downer….except for Katie….Karen is way too old to be in this bunch and her hairline cracks me up….lol….

  • girlie1

    I wonder if that 50th birthday was supposed to be the season finale, but they had so much drama they had to keep shooting? It was a weird finale either way.

  • Dani-K

    Great job, Norrth. Is that it or will there be a reunion? Newbies usually don’t get them, right, unless you’re Beverly Hills.

  • I know that’s right

    Great recap Norrth, I like me some Karen and Ashley making a comment about the ladies age is funny, because you married an older man, twice your age.. Katie grates on my last nerve and someone please help her, yes you’re by racial, but you are considered black by the constitution of the United States of America.. Get a grip, we are all one degree of separation, not six degrees.. Now you’re free to call yourself whatever you want.. But please don’t assume someone else’s race, when they keep telling you who they are.. That man will never marry your dumb behind and needy arse.. Get done help lady, you gave three young children you are influencing… Andrew pass go and don’t look back.. For the one who had the big 50 party, your marriage been dead, no way he’s that busy to never come home.. Please see a good divorce attorney and move on.. Gizille is fun, but you backtrack too much, I like the relationship you have with your daughters.. I’m happy you divorced that cheating ex with his arrogant behind..
    Robyn you need to decide on this relationship with your ex, bec I can see you’re still in love with him, but I don’t get that vibe from him.. You are educated and can create a great life for your children without your ex, bec as soon as a better deal come along, he’s leaving.. I like this show it’s fun and light compared to the rest…