RECAP: Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion Part 3 — NeNe Leakes Confronts Porsha Williams [Season 8]

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RHOA Reunion Season 8

The last of the last is upon us with the Real Housewives of Atlanta, final reunion. NeNe Leakes joins Andy and the ladies in her finest white sparkly romper. She must be going ice-skating afterwards. NeNe tells Andy she needed the break from RHOA because things didn’t pan out in LA the non-stop filming was getting to her. And don’t you forget, this show is her baby, and she doesn’t want to hand it over just yet. NeNe is the OG of the ATL.


Kandi takes a baby-pump-break for baby Ace, and flashback are shown of Sheree and NeNe and their infamous rich bitch, fix you face, fight. Neither woman found it strange they got along so well in Jamaica. Because who’s gonna check them, boo?

We move on to Cynthia. Is she or isn’t she good friends with Kenya? Cynthia admits to her misstep over that and says she cares about Kenya. NeNe didn’t like being called a backstabber and Kenya didn’t like being called a placeholder. And Frick (Porsha) and Frack (Phaedra) think Cynthia was low down with that whole mess. NeNe says that she and Kenya are in a much better place because she no longer wants to snatch her eyes out. A flash back is shown of NeNe’s meltdown last season over her mother. Andy points out this is something that NeNe and Kenya have in common – in case they were looking to bond.


Andy asks NeNe her thoughts on Kim’s first season. NeNe explains there were times during filming when Kim just cut out. She is alienating herself, so says NeNe. Andy tells her that Phaedra and Kim became friends – until the D.C. embarrassment. NeNe doesn’t think Kim is a good fit on this show with these ladies.

Next up is a question to Sheree and Kenya: and that is, Who can build a house slower? Lord have mercy! Sheree did get a head start, but Kenya was low and slow, too. Update: Kenya’s house was supposed to ready on Mach 5, and Matt may or may not be moving in. And Sheree’s house is supposed to ready this week. No word if Bob is moving in, but things are progressing.

Hilarious flashbacks are shown of Frick and Frack and their adventures at the Sluts-R-Us.  Andy asks Kandi if this makes her jealous about what she and Phaedra used to have. Andy says, “Girl, you done been replaced.” Kandi says she misses the friendship in general, but not the twerking, that’s all Porsha. NeNe points out that Porsha has changed completely since her first season. But, hey, just because Porsha shakes her ass, don’t mean she has no class. And if the dress don’t fit – you must acquit! (Sorry, wrong show.)

Yay! The husbands join the ladies on the couch and it is kind of weird, not gonna lie. On the one side you had, Todd, Peter and Matt. On the other side, Chrissy all by himself. I get it, that side of the couch had Phaedra and Porsha, who are currently man-less, and NeNe who didn’t bring Greg. But, Chris seemed lonely, and when the sexuality rumors went down with Kenya, and Chris and Matt were calling each other boy, Andy had to step in. Chris wanted to know exactly who calls him Chrissy, not accepting, Google It, as an answer from Kenya. Matt, being a dude, doesn’t realize this is how girls speak to one another.


Sheree is called out by a viewer question for being the pot-stirrer for this whole Jamaican mess. Sheree defends it by saying, “If they can say it about her, they can say it to her.” Then Porsha is chastised for laughing about this because Cordell and she faced gay rumors, too. And this turns into a real issue. Andy tells the housewives they are gay-bashing – and it’s not a pretty look. He says every man on the show has had to address gay rumors. Andy asks Kenya to apologize to Chris and she gives one of those, “If what I said somehow offended you…” Somehow? Andy calls her out for a crappy apology so Kenya tries again and again, but cannot make it sincere, no matter how hard she tries. Chris says that Kenya is a horrible person and sexuality doesn’t determine character.

Onto the Christmas party and the ‘Grinch who Stole Christmas’ – and it wasn’t Kenya. Finally we are going to see the much awaited footage of the Porsha fight that happened at the finale, but wasn’t shown as part of the finale for some reason with her marketing assistant/friend, Jami.

But before we get to that, we have to discuss: Who called the Feds? Everyone thought it was Phaedra because, why wouldn’t you. Turns out, the Secret Service are fans of Watch What Happens Live. Crazy, huh? They learned everything they needed to know vis-a-vis NeNe and Andy. Phaedra’s feelings are really hurt that Kandi thinks she would call the Feds. Kandi explains that Phaedra do some crazy shit. Todd agrees. He’s witnessed her sketchy ways. Phaedra doesn’t shed one tear, but tells Kandi she knows exactly where she stands now. And then she tells Todd he was the one out drinking in the clubs with her man. Todd asks how Phaedra knows so much about what he’s doing and yet she didn’t know what Apollo was doing in their own home. Boom! Drop the mic!

Todd, Kandi and Phaedra blab some more about emails, workout videos, calling the Feds, it got a little confusing. Todd says he’s been paid in full for the workout video that needs more editing, when Peter announces he needs to pee. Andy asks how drunk he is, but sadly Peter isn’t drunk, he just has Uncle Ben’s weak bladder.


Moving onto the fight we never saw at the finale. It seems that friend and business assoiciate Jami was disrespecting Porsha and didn’t know her place. So, Porsha beat it into in the back alley. The video is dark, people are running, screaming is heard, then someone is on the ground. Cut to Dwight holding Porsha’s fluffy white hat, singed with dirt, informing the ladies what went down. Andy points out that so far Porsha has had three altercations – so I guess that last one was technically “the charm” because Porsha is now in anger management to learn how to deal with the haters – because it’s their fault.

The other women are now uncomfortable confronting Porsha, and that’s a problem since it’s what this show is all about, so they probably want hazard pay now. Kandi explains it perfectly. 1st Porsha fight at the reunion – These things happen. 2nd Porsha fight on the boat – Ugh, again? 3rd Porsha fight at the holiday party – Damn, girl you got a problem!


NeNe tries to school Porsha on not putting her hands on other people. NeNe says she receives the most criticism and you don’t see her choking anyone – key word – see. If the footage doesn’t exist, then it didn’t happen. NeNe’s advice: Use the brains God gave you. Porsha says she feels remorse after each incident, and the cast calls bullshit on that. Kim congratulates Porsha for finally acting like a grown-ass woman and going to counseling.


Final-final: Sheree is happy to be back. Kim learned that taking time for herself doesn’t make her less of a wife or mom. Kenya has her dad back and almost a new house. Cynthia’s season started and ended rocky. Porsha is optimistic about her future. Kandi thinks her friendship with Phaedra moved backwards. Phaedra is hopeful for her future and ends the season with a prayer they use their power wisely.

Missing: Unless I missed it – Andy didn’t talk about Tammy making the comment about her husband being “Nazi white.” Do you think this should have been addressed? What are your thoughts on this season altogether? Do you want NeNe back? Do you want Porsha gone? It was a lot of fun recapping the ladies from the ATL. Join me next week for the Real Housewives of Dallas. Yee-haw!


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