Kyle Richards Blasts Lisa Rinna For Not Owning Her Part In The Munchausen Drama! #RHOBH

Posted on Apr 4 2016 - 5:20pm by Terri L. Austin


A Kyle Richards’ blog is like a kind word from Brandi Glanville: rare. Supposedly, she’s been too busy filming Celebrity Apprentice, but whatevs. We’re finally getting Kyle’s take on last week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Kyle eventually talks about her trip to the land of caftans and hookah pipes, but first, she’s on a mission to set the record straight.

“We flashback to the scene on the beach with Lisa Rinna and Eileen. I want to address that since I have yet to. I was totally taken aback by that conversation. It was obvious that Lisa Rinna was trying to pass the blame on Lisa Vanderpump and me for the Munchausen conversation.”

Yep, that sounds about right.

“I have been forthcoming about the fact that I did, indeed, comment on Yolanda‘s excessive and dramatic Instagram posts. However, I did NOT start NOR encourage Rinna to discuss Munchausen’s and have zero knowledge about a conversation between Rinna and… So WHY was my name brought up that day on the beach?”

Because Rinna is a whack job and Eileen Davidson knows just how to wind her up. Oh wait, did I type that out loud?

Rinna said in her interview that I let her “take the fall”… SHE is the one that partook in the Munchausen conversation with her hairdresser, and SHE chose to bring it up… It is one thing to discuss something amongst friends privately and a completely different thing to bring it up in this forum…”

Neither Kyle nor LVP denied questioning Yolanda’s selfies, but Rinna seems to have built all this up into some kind of conspiracy rivaling JFK. Has she deluded herself into believing it or has it all been about damage control over the M-word? Which, frankly, wasn’t that big of a deal.

Okay, now on to Dubai. Yay!

Lisa and I both were so excited to swim with these beautiful creatures. While I do not support animals in captivity, I could not resist the opportunity to spend the day with this little guy.”

So…she doesn’t mind if one is captivity as long as the animal is cute? I have no quibble one way or the other, but these ladies need to stop trying to appease everyone. Because that, my friends, is a losing game.

“We head out for our Arabian Nights dinner. I had been waiting for this moment since the beginning of planning this trip… Very interesting to have a peek into their culture. The henna tattoos, the dancer, the hookah, the food… OK, well NOT the camel…there was no way I could get myself to try that.”

Maybe Kyle’s karma is in balance now. She petted a sea lion, but she didn’t eat a camel. See? Even Steven.

“I was clueless as to what Rinna and Vanderpump were talking about while we were all trying the hookah. Probably best. I was having fun with Eileen, Erika and Kathryn and am glad I wasn’t a part of that.”

Oy! Back to this Rinna nonsense.

“I am thoroughly confused by Rinna‘s comments. In her interviews she says that LVP and I had been talking about Yolanda‘s illness (everyone was) and that when SHE brought up Munchausen we were happy that she did because we didn’t want to “get dirty” and wanted her to take the fall.”

Kyle doesn’t understand why Rinna is foaming at the lips over LVP in particular. 

LVP and I have come too far to go backwards over something I found not to be that big of a deal. It was also four months ago. I just don’t know why Lisa Rinna waited all this time to bring it up…”

Kyle makes a bold proclamation:

“I am not up LVP‘s ass…”

Well, thanks for that visual. But Kyle did cry and act very weepy at the Lyme-stravaganza where Yolanda received an award for having Lyme. Was this simply because she felt guilty for questioning Yoyo’s sick/healthy selfies? Or was there something more to it? What’s your take on the situation? 


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  • T’s Martini Lounge

    Why won’t someone just punch this yap yap shrieky bitch faced Kyle in the face?

    • twifan2

      I for one don’t want to break a nail. 😉

      • MidwestMiddie


    • MidwestMiddie

      She’ll attack back with her ponytail. : )

      • JustNotCrazyAboutBitches


    • tapestry10

      Thank you, Donald Trump. 😉

      • JustNotCrazyAboutBitches

        Oh no, we have another fan of that sloppy old geezer in a dirty suit.

        • tapestry10

          No, no, 1,000 times no! Just kidding, JNCAB. It was a joke! I take it back!

          • JustNotCrazyAboutBitches

            LoLoL … I’m glad you can take a joke:-)

      • Nick’s daughter

        ???? lol.

        • tapestry10

          Thanks, Nd!

  • JustNotCrazyAboutBitches

    Once again I’m sure I’m sure I’m in the minority here, but even though the “M” word came out of Rinna’s mouth, why should she take the entire fall? After all, Kyle DID bring up the conversation at the BBQ when she asked (baited) poor innocent victim LVP about what Mohammad told her, and Lisa DID repeat (contradict) Yolanda’s claims about the kids being infected as well. Eileen, Erikuntee, and Kathryn were the only truly loyal friends to Yolanda.

    • KKLS30

      1. Rinna’s blog that she clearly forgot she wrote,”Kyle, Eileen and I were invited over to Lisa V’s to meet her new horses. The conversation of Yolanda and her health challenges came up as we have seen happen quite often these days and I took this opportunity to really open up to the girls. As we know, Lisa V. and Kyle have had numerous conversations questioning Yolanda’s health and her decisions and I felt safe among this group of friends to confide about how these same conversations were not only happening among our inner circle but in my outer circle of friends as well as with strangers. I am no doctor and I don’t claim to be a doctor, nor do I want to give anyone a diagnosis. The word Munchausen was brought to me by my friend that these girls do not personally know, and I felt this was a safe place to bring it up. There I said it. I did. I own it. I don’t feel good about it and I was very upset that I engaged in these conversations with others that are as naive as I am about Lyme Disease, but I did and I shared it with these women. I now know I need to tell Yolanda, as Eileen said, you need to talk to Yolanda about it, and I believe that to be true. So there you have it!”

      2. LVP did not contradict Yolanda’s claim. She said whenever she asks how the kids are Mohammad says they are fine. Even if they do have Lyme (by CDC standards they don’t) it isn’t scandalous for him to respond to casual questions that way. That does not equate to Mo says they don’t have Lyme. That means that over the years all he has ever told her is that they are fine. That means he has never duscussed their health in detail with her. Let’s not forget asking how the kids are is also including Mo’s children from his previous marriage who is equally close to.That is a perfectly normal conversation between two people. Mo’s way of responding is normal because his kids are individuals who may not want their health discussed as opposed to Yo’s crazy ass showing up with their medical records.

      • JustNotCrazyAboutBitches

        You’re confused about the time table of the chain of events. Yes LVP said “they were fine” (to Yolanda) but only AFTER she answered “NO” (at Kyle’s BBQ); when Kyle asked what did Mohammad say. That’s why Yolanda offered the medical records to Lisa V., get it? This is becoming fcking comical. Invest in a DVR so you can rewind and comment accurately.

        • JustSayin

          Lol speaking for myself, I am not going to rewatch every scene before I comment cuz (refresh)

          • JustNotCrazyAboutBitches

            Well no, but you don’t write inaccurate RANTS either !!! LOL

        • LVP said no he has never told her they were sick and he never has as confirmed by him because it was private family business. Kyle asked a question, a yes or no question and Lisa told her the truth as she knows it. What other answer should she have given?

          • JustNotCrazyAboutBitches

            How about “it’s none of my fcking business” .. but then then wouldn’t be stirring the pot. You people really need to drop a few bux for a DVR. Go with DirectTV, they’ll give you one for free.

          • As it happens I do have DirectTV! It’s not I don’t remember the sequence of events. I have seen it a couple of times. It’s just I don’t believe LVP sttired the pot. She tried not to say too much and answered honestly with the information she had at the time; maybe she should have said none of my business as you said but then we would have a very boring show….where they all keep their opinion to themselves.

          • JustNotCrazyAboutBitches

            Preach girl … now THAT I agree with!

          • SMDRN66

            LVP also said that Yo was the mother and if she says they have it, then they have it. At that time, Yo only told Kyle that the non Gigis had Lyme. No one else knew. But I’m sure Mo doesn’t believe for a second his kids are sick with Yo’s fake disease. Which is why he tells everyone that his kids are fine. Because they are.

        • KKLS30

          Still angry with how I pointed out that Yulinda stupidly shared her medical information and revealed herself to be not only a liar but a stupid liar at that yesterday when you were insisting all 3 were sick and telling people they needed to pay attention? Cerebrospinal fluid doesn’t lie but Yolanda does!

          Also I am fully aware of the chain of events on this show hence I and others have been calling you out left and right for your inaccurate statements. I also already have a DVR and am quite apt at using it.

          I did not reference Kyle at the BBQ however if I had it would have been with the same understanding as FFaye below.Lisa’s “no” was not a ,”No Mohammad has informed me that Bella and Anwar do not have Lyme disease.” It was a “no” he has never mentioned it to her at all hence it was her understanding that there were no significant health issues.That fits with what she said later which Mohammad always said they were fine.Also if Lisa had said it was none of her business as you suggested you would be calling her out for sneakily trying to throw shade at Yo because surely Mo had told his best friend Lisa about the diagnosis and Lisa should confirm that.

          Of course if Lisa or Mohammad ever publicly stated that Bella and Anwar don’t have Lyme they would be telling the truth as Yolanda herself has never had it by her own unintentional admission. It is also telling that the evil email Yolanda wrote to Bella was written AFTER Bella’s Lyme diagnosis.If she had Lyme at that time it would have been mentioned.Especially as it is the same DUI that they now try to spin as being Lyme related.

          Nor will your juvenile insults stop me from calling out this horrid creature over and over until as many people as possible know what a pathetic liar she is.

          • JustNotCrazyAboutBitches

            You and 150 other inaccurate people can call me out till the cows come home LOL. There are plenty on my side throughout the blogespheres (not that I need validation). You’re simpy wrong, and I suspect you know but are just being argumentative.

    • italiano bambino

      Thank you

      • JustNotCrazyAboutBitches


        • italiano bambino


  • I hope goofy faced Andy brought this crap up at the reunion and they argued it out once and for all with everyone present. Looking at you, Yolawnduh!

    • Dottie WhiteTrashGal

      Dream on. Yolanda’s now fabulously famous and rich model children, as well as the clout of her pending-ex, My Love the Grammy King Daveed, insure Andy will never, ever sincerely question Yo’s BS. When Yo was on WWHL, Andy was just short of carrying her IV bag. I expect to be as disappointed as usual that anything will be resolved during the Reunion.

      • I know you’re right. Andy sucks. Why do they even keep him around? He ruins everything..

        • Dottie WhiteTrashGal

          Ha ha! Well, in all fairness, the Real Housewives franchise is his baby, so there is that…. 😉

  • MidwestMiddie

    Kyle Who? She’s so vital to this group that I never miss her when she is not in a scene. : )

    Regarding why she wept at YoNuts award dinner …… keep all avenues open for
    her husband’s Real Estate Business. SELL, SELL, SELL!
    Kyle is a busy women with her co-owned Caftan Shop, trying to sell her “Growing Up With a Drunken Mother TV Show”, constant work on her siblings and their numerous Court Cases, taking Portia to voice lessons, acting lessons, cooking lessons, pottery classes, piano and violin classes, tap dance and school, plus…………. Kyle has to make all of the phone calls for catering, decorating, invitations etc. for her White Party each year. Whew!

    How does she have time to be Lisa VP’s friend? She doesn’t because, no matter
    what Kyle says ,she isn’t Lisa’s friend. She’s currently attached to Lisa because of Lisa’s popularity.

    • TeaLuvR

      Well said Midwest????????

  • Jennymckitty

    I don’t get Rinna either. What is she taking the fall for exactly? Saying that her hairdresser thought Yolanda has Münchausen syndrome? Every time Yolanda posted one of those sickies, someone on social media said that. It isn’t like her hairdresser is the first person to say it. It isn’t like this was a foreign concept to anyone following this show.
    LVP has been very open about questioning the sickies. This might be the first time I have heard Kyle admit it. I don’t know why Rinna thinks the two of them aren’t accepting any blame in questioning Yolanda. Rinna has expressed quite a lot of negative feelings regarding Yolanda separate from the Munchausen comment but Kyle and Lisa are the only two that questioned her diagnosis on the show. I really don’t follow Rinna’s thinking that they aren’t excepting responsibility for anything. To me, they both clearly are.

    • chacha1

      Erika is also a shit stirrer, she lied about who said what about Yolanda, and put the blame on LVP when in fact that never happened ….. when asked Erika lied again. Erika is a lying back stabber ….. no wonder Yolanda likes her .. birds of a feather

      • Kristen

        Erika disappointmented me. I thought she showed promise during her first couple episodes. Now she’s so transparent.

  • tapestry10

    This was a hilarious presentation Terri L. Austin. “Did I type that out loud?” was really funny. “petted a seal lion..didn’t eat a camel..Even Steven.” You’re a riot! Thank you again! Kyle cries more often than water comes out of the kitchen sink. It’s the one part of acting she’s really got down. I’d bet she’s cried more often than all the other HWs in all the the franchises put together. Actually, I think crying is her default setting and she has to get all worked not to cry.

    • Terri L. Austin

      Thank you!

      • tapestry10

        Always a pleasure, Terri.

    • SassyMcAsspants

      Right, taps! Terri always tosses in some awesome one-liners. Cracks me up! And lmao@ “crying is her default setting”–amazing!

      • tapestry10

        Tnanks, Sassy! You’re a woman of discriminating taste!

  • italiano bambino

    Oh kyle saying you’re not up lisa V ass is like saying kim Richards doesn’t take drugs. Ps lisa rina did own her shit i can’t say the same about you and lisa V. I don’t even like lisa Rina but she just decided to not play the game anymore. Big difference…..

    • JustNotCrazyAboutBitches

      Yes Italiano you have good common sense!

      • italiano bambino

        Makes you wonder why kyle is shit scare of lisa V

  • I know that’s right

    Oh boy here we go again, I thought Lisa R owned she talked about the Munch first.. Lisa V told Yoliedo to her face, about her her running around and out running their healthy behinds a year or so ago.. So I’m personally sick of the sick story lines.. Yoliedo made her self sicker to void her prenup and this just a fact.. Thar woman is just another gold digger.. Ijs

    • MidwestMiddie

      Attorneys writing Prenuptial Contracts may have to add a new clause –
      Going YoNuts will not invalidate this prenuptial agreement.

      • I know that’s right

        IKR but that wouldn’t work where I live at, at ALL… She’s just a low class gold digger, that married for money, she did Mo the same thing.. But Mo told David not to marry her., LMAO

  • EllaFitzbunbun

    My take on it is that Vyle Byle is a simpering idiot and, judging by what she’s written here, she fails miserably at proper English.

  • Kristen

    This season is a total snore. It’s as if the producers told Rinna and Eileen they needed to up the ante with outlandish behavior, and the whole Yo’s illness “is it fake or not” (it is) is beyond boring. Attempting to once again take down LVP is boring.

    I stopped watching several weeks ago and don’t plan on watching next season unless they do away with these stupid plots. I want to watch filthy rich women make backhanded compliments towards another while schmoozing with other filthy rich celebs, and see how they parent/blow money on crazy things. This is my “escape from reality show”. If I wanted to hear someone drone on about an illness that’s fake, I could spend time at the water cooler. I don’t want to see trashy cat fights. At least they got rid of trailer trash Brandi and Krazy Kim. Is it too much to ask for that they drop they contrived cat fights?

    • EllaFitzbunbun

      Evidently it is too much to ask because……..Miss Randy and this is all about him.

    • bree7702

      I completely agree! I also stopped watching it weeks ago when they traveled somewhere for a show of Erika’s. I can’t keep up with the “who said what to whom” nonsense EVERY WEEK. I was always confused and couldn’t keep up with wtf was going on and who was mad at who.

      This Munchausen storyline is completely awful. Most if not all of
      the cast needs to be replaced. Especially Yolanda. I can’t stand to look at her amug face.

  • Elizabeth Fisher

    Kyle must do very well on Celebrity Apprentice. She has been filming it for quite a while.

  • Elizabeth Fisher

    Kyle cut her hair and she looks fantastic!!! Hopefully, it will inspire Queen Pinky to cut her hair to about shoulder-length (which would look fantastic on her).

  • esther medina dorado

    To stop shit stirrers..take away the spoons..

  • pasteeler

    Kyle could have stopped after she said, “I was clueless”…..ITA Kyle. You are clueless to the fact that viewers can see you have been backstabbing LVP since season 2 and you are still at it.

    Kyle STILL believes Rinna when she said LVP wanted to drag her into it, even while she’s calling Rinna a liar and a coward. Kyle can’t have it both ways either Rinna’s a liar and LVP never said it, or you think LVP is a liar and if your do, stop acting like you “love” her so.

    • tapestry10

      Isn’t this on tape? I thought they filmed this scene. I remember Lisa saying to one of them that they should ask Kyle. At the time, I didn’t think she was throwing Kyle to the dogs. But I don’t know why they just didn’t show the scene when they shoed the argument.

  • jane grey

    I think Kyle was crying at the NYC gala because she felt guilty for making fun of Yolanda’s sickness. I am actually feeling like Kyle is not incapable of a decent human feeling.

  • Lila

    Guess it really hit her hearing all those stories of other people suffering from it. Kyle felt bad doubting Yo’s lyme disease.
    The Munchousen Saga-There was a conversation between Kyle and LVP that we have not heard and maybe never will. I believe LVP confessed to Kyle the comments she made about her to Rinna. It was between them .They settled the matter .That’s why Kyle wanted to end the Munchy conversation. Rinna’s conversation with LVP was not aired. Thanks to Bravo. She should blame Bravo for editing and throwing Her under the bus the way they did to LVP by not airing her trip to UK

  • Lila

    ‘Did I type that out loud’? Lol Yes you did! Good recap Terri! Thanks.

  • bree7702

    Here are a list of words or sayings I never need to hear again on RHOBH after this season:
    Lyme or Lymes
    Manipulate or manipulative
    “Own your shit”
    “my journey”
    “your journey”
    “put out in the universe” or “put out in the world” (thank you Yolanda)
    “pat the puss”

    Last but not least