Kyle Richards Blasts Lisa Rinna For Not Owning Her Part In The Munchausen Drama! #RHOBH

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A Kyle Richards’ blog is like a kind word from Brandi Glanville: rare. Supposedly, she’s been too busy filming Celebrity Apprentice, but whatevs. We’re finally getting Kyle’s take on last week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Kyle eventually talks about her trip to the land of caftans and hookah pipes, but first, she’s on a mission to set the record straight.

“We flashback to the scene on the beach with Lisa Rinna and Eileen. I want to address that since I have yet to. I was totally taken aback by that conversation. It was obvious that Lisa Rinna was trying to pass the blame on Lisa Vanderpump and me for the Munchausen conversation.”

Yep, that sounds about right.

“I have been forthcoming about the fact that I did, indeed, comment on Yolanda‘s excessive and dramatic Instagram posts. However, I did NOT start NOR encourage Rinna to discuss Munchausen’s and have zero knowledge about a conversation between Rinna and… So WHY was my name brought up that day on the beach?”

Because Rinna is a whack job and Eileen Davidson knows just how to wind her up. Oh wait, did I type that out loud?

Rinna said in her interview that I let her “take the fall”… SHE is the one that partook in the Munchausen conversation with her hairdresser, and SHE chose to bring it up… It is one thing to discuss something amongst friends privately and a completely different thing to bring it up in this forum…”

Neither Kyle nor LVP denied questioning Yolanda’s selfies, but Rinna seems to have built all this up into some kind of conspiracy rivaling JFK. Has she deluded herself into believing it or has it all been about damage control over the M-word? Which, frankly, wasn’t that big of a deal.

Okay, now on to Dubai. Yay!

Lisa and I both were so excited to swim with these beautiful creatures. While I do not support animals in captivity, I could not resist the opportunity to spend the day with this little guy.”

So…she doesn’t mind if one is captivity as long as the animal is cute? I have no quibble one way or the other, but these ladies need to stop trying to appease everyone. Because that, my friends, is a losing game.

“We head out for our Arabian Nights dinner. I had been waiting for this moment since the beginning of planning this trip… Very interesting to have a peek into their culture. The henna tattoos, the dancer, the hookah, the food… OK, well NOT the camel…there was no way I could get myself to try that.”

Maybe Kyle’s karma is in balance now. She petted a sea lion, but she didn’t eat a camel. See? Even Steven.

“I was clueless as to what Rinna and Vanderpump were talking about while we were all trying the hookah. Probably best. I was having fun with Eileen, Erika and Kathryn and am glad I wasn’t a part of that.”

Oy! Back to this Rinna nonsense.

“I am thoroughly confused by Rinna‘s comments. In her interviews she says that LVP and I had been talking about Yolanda‘s illness (everyone was) and that when SHE brought up Munchausen we were happy that she did because we didn’t want to “get dirty” and wanted her to take the fall.”

Kyle doesn’t understand why Rinna is foaming at the lips over LVP in particular. 

LVP and I have come too far to go backwards over something I found not to be that big of a deal. It was also four months ago. I just don’t know why Lisa Rinna waited all this time to bring it up…”

Kyle makes a bold proclamation:

“I am not up LVP‘s ass…”

Well, thanks for that visual. But Kyle did cry and act very weepy at the Lyme-stravaganza where Yolanda received an award for having Lyme. Was this simply because she felt guilty for questioning Yoyo’s sick/healthy selfies? Or was there something more to it? What’s your take on the situation? 


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