‘RHONY’ Ramona Singer Sends Her Ex Mario Sexy Selfies

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RAMONA SINGER in Bikini at a Beach in Miami

Sometimes it’s hard to move on.

It seems Ramona Singer, star of The Real Housewives of New York, can’t face the reality that she is divorced from Mario Singer. Insiders are saying lately Ramona has been sending him sexy selfies in an attempt to make Mario jealous.

Mario had a different definition of monogamy, and the two divorced after 23 years of marriage. The insider told In Touch that Mario thinks Ramona’s latest stunt is “pathetic.”

“She’s hoping the pics will win him back,” a source said.

Though Ramona wouldn’t admit it last season, she’s had a breast lift and has been flaunting it, though it doesn’t seem to be working. At least not for Mario.

“He just deletes the pics as they come in.” The source added, “He thinks it’s pathetic that Ramona can’t move on…[she] needs to realize that it is over.”

Is it me or does “the source” sound a little bitter?


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