EXCLUSIVE: New ‘RHONJ’ Finale Struggles Arise To Bring Jacqueline, Melissa & Teresa Together

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RHONJ Finale To Bring Jacqueline Melissa Teresa

Rumors are swirling around The Real Housewives of New Jersey season 7 filming since production schedules have been adjusted for various reasons.

Nailing down the season has been challenging for producers, working to bring a splintered cast together. Discord between the women, and cast no-shows, have thwarted attempts to film a finale, with the whole cast in attendance.

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One circulating rumor claims that filming might even be extended, in order to catch the feuding Jacqueline Laurita and Melissa Gorga, in a dramatic confrontation, to end the season. Our exclusive insider clarifies what is going on, behind the scenes.

“The finale was supposed to be at Dolores’s (Catania) housewarming party. Everyone was there — Jacqueline, Chris, Kathy, Richie, Rosie, Melissa, Joe, Dolores, her kids, Siggy, her kids and, Kim D.”

The source continues to dish, 

“Bravo photographers were even there, but Teresa was a no-show. It was a neutral place to finish, but because Teresa didn’t come, producers tried to wrap at Melissa’s Envy fashion show but Jacqueline wasn’t feeling well, and was refusing to support Melissa, so that didn’t work either.”

So how is Bravo going to put a lid on a season, that has struggled from the start? Our exclusive insider has the tea.

“Filming ends Saturday. There will be no extended filming. Producers are trying to pull a cast lunch together but some think it will come across pointless and fake, because no one really wants to get together.”

While our source isn’t sure if and how such a gathering will come together, filming will wrap on Saturday.

Stay tuned, as the finale scenario, becomes clear.


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