Inside Eileen Davidson’s Shady Agenda To Manipulate Her ‘RHOBH’ Costars Into Hating Lisa Vanderpump

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Lisa Vanderpump and Eileen_RHOBH

There have been two buzz words that have dominated this season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and they both start with ‘M.’ “Manipulator” and a whispered “Munchausen,” have been like dirty words with this bunch. We might as well throw the word ‘Lisa’ in, because Lisa Rinna and Lisa Vanderpump have been the two alleged perpetrators of all things ‘M,’ in Beverly Hills. There has been one slippery character that has been operating under the radar — and that is Eileen Davidson. All it takes is a short look back, to know that Eileen’s chest deserves the biggest scarlet ‘M’ of all.

Eileen has had an endless beef with Lisa Vanderpump, because of one question asked about her marriage, early in the season. The question may have been a little intrusive, but the fact that Eileen and Vinnie’s marriage started with an affair, is not a news flash. Vinnie gambled away his marriage and jumped into bed with a married woman — uncomfortable maybe, but not a secret. Eileen was so breathlessly offended, that she has demanded an unattainable level of apologetic remorse, for months. Most remember when last season, Brandi Glanville threw wine in Eileen’s face, and blasted her as a home wrecking harlot. This incident was forgotten in short order. I guess as a rookie, Eileen was shy to formulate an agenda.

Eileen pretends to move on, and begins proclaiming Rinna as a hopeless people pleaser, and one easily manipulated. She strangely edges over to the dark and shady side, with Yolanda Foster and Erika ‘Painkillr’ Girardi. Rinna is Eileen’s soap-opera sister, and seems desperate for approval from the Emmy winning hustler. Eileen knows it, and subtly seizes the opportunity to throw Rinna to the wolves, in order to expose Lisa as a dastardly manipulator, not the rosy Queen, whom we all adore.

Filmed conversations begin to go down, where Rinna is spilling the beans about her gossip guilt, and the crock of nonsense that she believes to be true, about Yolanda. Eileen weaves in the completely unrelated beef with Lisa into the dialogue, and works to tie Rinna’s quips with Lisa, to some imagined spell that Lisa casts over every conversation. Rinna begs for Eileen’s advice, because she “values her friendship.” One uncomfortable personal question and Munch-Madness are successfully linked—and the common factor is Lisa Vanderpump. Eileen’s love affair with personal accountability ends, when one is faced with Vanderpump’s hypnotic powers.

Rinna pants to keep Eileen’s acceptance, and Eileen continues to influence her to see Lisa’s alleged pattern. Rinna continues to speak truth, but is successfully swayed off-topic, and onto Eileen’s agenda. Yolanda’s sham is ignored, and Lisa is targeted—and they call Lisa a manipulator?? As the season hourglass drains, Eileen pounds Lisa for the umpteenth time to assume an unreasonable and dramatic level of accountability. Eileen looks utterly absurd, but with Rinna on board, the cast actually entertains her repetitive drivel. Fans begin to wonder why Eileen wants her tawdry affair to stand in the spotlight, and almost wish that Brandi would pop in, to douse her with another glass of wine.

The saddest casualty is Lisa Rinna. A strong fan favorite who tells it like it is, has become weak, and intensely disliked by fans. She was one munch away from escaping the season as a lone truth-telling hero—much like she did, when she called Kim Richards out on her addiction. Rinna hustled in the wrong direction—and a battered Vanderpump remains the adored fan favorite.

Davidson should have gotten a few tips from her husband—because when she gambled against Lisa, she lost.


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