‘RHOBH’ Lisa Vanderpump Nails Eileen Davidson As The True Manipulator of Lisa Rinna

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On The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, another girls’ trip was wasted on bickering and pettiness. Normally, I’m on the edge of my seat, waiting for the drama. But as this season’s vacay spirals into a baffling mixture of accusations and old resentments, I was left scratching my head and wondering, what the hell just happened? So let me try to sort out this mess as I delve into Lisa Vanderpump’s blog.

Eileen Davidson and her large-lipped minion, Lisa Rinna, decided that LVP was the evilest queen in all the land. Determined to confront her, they turned a lovely candlelit supper on the beach into another dinner party gone left. Lisa gives us her side of the story.

Apparently, before filming started, there were group texts flying around. Texts that we, the viewing audience, weren’t privy to.

“A text had been sent from LR…to Kyle and I that was extremely aggressive towards YF, questioning why YF wouldn’t go to NY to see her kids in a fashion show but could go to accept an award for Lyme, a rant that was asking for a response as she was unduly concerned in regard to YF’s choices.”

Lisa had her own questions about Yolanda’s illness.

“I absolutely have been guilty of occasionally remarking on sick selfies…and didn’t really understand her actions regarding her illness, so many inconsistencies were baffling to say the least. But I had no problem in saying that to her face.”

Then came the Munchhausen conversation at LVP’s mansion.

“When LR came to the house…then brought out her phone…she voiced the Munchhausen verbage. If I had been “thrilled at her exposing the Munchausen comment,” why would I have said, “We shouldn’t be talking about this…”?”

Later, LVP walked Rinna to her car. Here’s LVP’s version of events:

“She [Rinna] then says as she left that I said to her, “Why don’t you drag Kyle into it?” I absolutely remember thinking, oh no, she is going to drag all of us into it, but especially Kyle, as they had more interaction by text (lighthearted banter from Kyle that had sometimes been forwarded to me). We never supported the theory of Munchausen’s…”

Lisa then went back into the house to discuss the situation with Kyle.

Kyle was in my house, 30 feet away…I went back inside, still reeling from the conversations that afternoon. Kyle and I discussed what had transpired, as we were still aghast at LR’s statement regarding Munchausen. I then told Kyle I THOUGHT LR was going to drag her into it…”

LVP was worried that since they had listened to the definition of the M-word, Rinna would try and rope them into being into being part of the discussion. We clearly saw that both LVP and Kyle gave Rinna a side eye and tried to shut her down.

Later, when all the “web spinning, sniper from the side” business had been discussed, Rinna became enraged that Yolanda skipped dinner at Erika Girardi’s house, but had time to flit about with Kim Richards and Brandi Glanville. She asked LVP’s opinion on the matter.

“I responded I had no thoughts I was willing to share with her, as she would accuse me of “manipulating” her… She responded, “I can only be manipulated if I am manipulable, and I want your thoughts.” I curtly responded, “OK you want my thoughts?…I don’t like this one iota.” And that is when everything shifted between LR and me…she then began targeting me.”

Rinna soon shifted her allegiance from LVP to Eileen. Lisa has a few choice words for Crazytown Davidson.

“…I was exhausted by the negativity that has spewed from this woman… I sincerely have no understanding of what I said to ED being so reprehensible that it would provoke so much negativity… I was naive as I had no idea until now how aggressively the soap actress pursued her mouthpiece…Shameful, but I suppose she is that kind of woman.”

That night on the beach in Dubai, Rinna not only brought up the conversation about the M-word, LVP maintains that Rinna felt manipulated last year in Amsterdam.

“I have no comprehension how a year later…a year…LR can conjure up the ridiculous assertion that she was manipulated into going shopping in Amsterdam. If we cast our minds back, it was a fractious situation after the explosive dinner, and hypothetically, if it would’ve been me, I would’ve welcomed the fact that anybody would’ve wanted to spend time with me at all.”

LVP maintains that someone has been pulling Rinna’s strings, but it wasn’t her.

“I think somebody, rather than something, seems to be the genesis of her [Rinna’s] actions. Watch closely, then you decide.”

Lisa regrets offering support to Rinna. If she could go back and do it all over again? Uh-uh.

“I am culpable for investing in a friendship with LR, and even supported her as she had an outrageous physical outburst and sent threatening texts to somebody struggling with addiction… I lament my choice to be so supportive at that time, but hindsight is 20/20. Foresight would’ve been better.”

I hope this has helped break down the facts a bit. So do you think LVP manipulated Rinna? Or has Eileen been the puppet master all along? And at this point, do you even care?


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