Kathryn Edwards Labels Eileen Davidson A Manipulator & Nails Her For “Browbeating” Lisa Vanderpump

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Kathryn Edwards_ Eileen Davidson-RHOBH

Kathryn Edwards has proven to be an interesting presence on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. She is the one cast member who has remained on the outskirts of the Munch-Manipulation debate, one that has swallowed a season whole. She weighs in on her blog — about the Dubai drama that continues to roll on, as the season winds down.

Kathryn notes that Lisa Rinna tends to be a big talker, and probably used the word “enraged” a bit dramatically. Lisa chose the term to describe her feelings about Yolanda’s decision to lunch with Kim and Brandi, rather than to attend a cast dinner. Kathryn points out that Eileen tends to pick and choose, when it comes to interpreting Rinna’s choice of words.

“My questions is this: How does Eileen decide when Lisa R. is over-exaggerating and dramatic or when it’s real and honest? One minute it’s “big talk” coming from Lisa R. that’s pretty harmless, and the next minute it’s honesty and truth. Hell, I can’t tell. Lisa R. says Lisa V. is “directional” one minute and the next minute she calls her a “manipulator.” Clearly Eileen prefers the word manipulator because then she doesn’t look like the only “A-hole. Hmm, seems to me that there’s more than one manipulator in the group if those are the terms for handing out that label.”

Kathryn weighs in on just who to dared whisper the ‘M’ word first, and how Kyle fits into the dialogue.

“Lisa Rinna clearly introduced that word to the group. Why would Lisa V. want to take Kyle down if neither Kyle or Lisa V. have any guilt in where the word came from? I asked Kyle how that made her feel, because I didn’t really believe that was the case…”

“The bottom line for me is this: If Kyle is okay with it, then that’s up to her. I don’t want to determine friendships for others. If Kyle knows what it is and doesn’t have a problem, then it doesn’t concern me.”

Kathryn shares her observations about the dinner on the beach — sharing the closest to objective view, from anyone on the cast.

“It felt like an accosting to me once we were all seated and the conversation began. Lisa R. and Eileen came to dinner with nothing other than wanting to make Lisa V. fly the white flag. That’s how it felt sitting there. Munchausen Schmunchausen, manipulation/deflection, lies/apologies. It bothered me that Eileen and Lisa R. wanted to make such a big deal about something that Kyle had no issue with. Kyle said it, she said she didn’t care if Lisa V. made the comment to Rinna…Why isn’t that enough for them?”

“Problem is, it’s starting to feel like Eileen is brow beating Lisa V. for the elusive half-assed apology that she’s never going to get…and now it’s morphed into the fact that Lisa V. can’t or won’t apologize properly or even understands that she offended Eilee.”

Kathryn summarizes her take on the drama thus far.

“Lisa V. doesn’t see it the same way as Eileen does. Lisa V. isn’t apologizing for the “affair” word because she wasn’t trying to hurt Eileen. I do think it’s cultural…Certain words carry a bigger weight in different countries and cultures. I think Lisa V. used the “A” word without considering that it would be viewed as offensive to Eileen.”

“If Lisa V. was taking a pot shot at Eileen, then shame on Lisa V., but at this point I feel like Eileen has to let it go because they aren’t getting anywhere and it only feels destructive at this point. When do you stop asking for an apology that you’re not going to get? And when do you get over trying to make Lisa V. feel sorry for something that she isn’t sorry for?”

Kathryn pegs what fans are repeating, all over social media.

All of the talk about the subject has brought more attention to exactly what Eileen didn’t want discussed. Seems counter-productive in so many ways. This friendship is going to hell in a hand basket, and it doesn’t have to.”

Stay tuned — because according to Kathryn, the subject of who deserves to wear the chunkiest ‘manipulator’ necklace, is far from over. 


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