Lisa Rinna Throws #RHOBH Costars Under The Bus — Says They All Think Lisa Vanderpump Is “Manipulative”

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If you were as confused as I was over the latest Real Housewives of Beverly Hills episode, I’m glad I’m not alone. Lisa Rinna got her thong in a twist over Lisa Vanderpump. Rinna claimed that LVP lied and then tried to pit her against Kyle Richards when the ladies first discussed Yolanda Hadid’s illness. The trouble is, the conversation about Kyle and LVP being “dragged” into the drama was not caught on camera, which makes the whole thing seem insignificant and hard to understand. But Rinna is determined to break it down.

LVP did come out after me when I left her house after the Munchausen convo and she said, “Why didn’t you bring Kyle into it?” I thought that was so odd.”

I think it’s odd, too and it still makes no sense. Because later, Kyle said:

LVP went back in the house, ran upstairs and said to Kyle, “Whew, I thought Rinna was going to bring YOU into it!” Now why would LVP do that? Why would she want Kyle involved in the Munchausen convo?”

I’m just going out on a limb here, but both Kyle and LVP were sitting there when Rinna brought up the definition of Munchhausen and read it out loud. Could that be a possibility? I’m just throwing spitballs here.

And in case you were wondering how the M-word got started in the first place:

“I had a conversation with Faye Woods. Faye has colored my hair for 15 years… she has a friend that she believes has Munchausen…In her opinion, she thought Yolanda’s symptoms seemed similar. It was a conversation and just that. A conversation.”

Rinna goes further to distance herself from that topic.

“I never said Yolanda had Munchausen. I said I took part in conversation about the M word, and I felt badly about being a part of it. I then went to Yolanda and told her about the conversation and apologized. It should have ended there.”

Then she tries to…yep, you guessed it…toss some blame toward Kyle and LVP.

LVP and Kyle certainly played their part in questioning Yolanda’s illness and the motives for her Instagram posts, and I felt once I said Munchausen they both back-tracked and let me just take all the sh– for it…”

According to LVP, she brought up those sick/healthy selfies to Yolanda at Erika Girardi’s bbq. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see the footage.

Anyway, Rinna wants to defend herself about a few other things, as well.

“OK, I used the word “enraged”. Big deal! I was mad, pissed off and frustrated that Yolanda was getting a pass every time she decided to not show up at an event or a dinner or some other gathering that the rest of us rearranged our lives for…”

She also explains why she pre-judged Erika.

“…Yes, I posed for Playboy twice. Yes, I have seen porn. For me, I just didn’t expect that my introduction to our newest girlfriend would be a video like the one I found online when I Googled Erika Jane. When I first saw the video “Painkillr,” I was with Harry and my teenage girls… It was shocking because it took us by surprise and, if you’ve seen it, you’ll know what I’m talking about.”

As far as I can tell, the person who’s been manipulative this season is Eileen Davidson. She’s poked and prodded Rinna into confronting LVP. Tonight, she all but called Rinna a coward.

Eileen has been pushy about me talking to LVP to her face. Maybe rightfully so, but maybe not. I have been reluctant to get on the LVP manipulation train… Until something happens directly to me, I always give that person the benefit of the doubt…”

But now Rinna has seen the light! LVP really is a manipulator, y’all. So…does that make Rinna a mindless marionette?

“Everyone from Camille, Adrienne, Taylor, Kyle, Kim, Brandi, Eileen, Erika, and Yolanda has said very strong things about LVP being manipulative. Calling her Bobby Fischer, a puppet master, that she pits people against one another, etc. We have seen it all played out here for six years, and if I were LVP, I think I would take a look at myself and ask why are all of these women saying this about me?”

I’m sorry, but does anyone else remember last season when Rinna broke a glass in anger and reached for Kim Richards’ throat across a table in Amsterdam? Hmmm. That sounds like a woman who can hold her own, no? Not some weak little lamb who blindly follows others.

So do you think LVP manipulated Rinna into brining up Yolanda’s illness on screen? Did Rinna blow her conversation with LVP out of proportion?

Now, I need to lie down on my fainting couch. I think I’m getting dizzy from the déjà vu-like conversations that tread old ground every week. How about you?


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