Eileen Davidson Blames Lisa Vanderpump For Planting Seeds About The Munchausen Drama #RHOBH

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Well, that was a very confusing episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. So let’s take Eileen Davidson’s blog and look for clues to make sense of it all, shall we? You play Jessica Fletcher and I’ll be Richard Castle. Apparently, this whole argument was over a conversation that happened off camera. So together, we’ll solve the Mystery of the Unaired Footage. 

First off, Eileen sees herself as a human truth detector.

“I’m so tired of this idea of speaking “your truth.” It’s starting to take on the wrong meaning. Apparently, now every person gets to have their own version of the truth? That’s total B.S.!… There is always one real truth. In this situation, it is not up for interpretation.”

I beg to differ. Eileen’s had her lady lumps in a knot about Lisa Vanderpump since the beginning of the season. She’s still upset about the Hamptons nonsense.

“I know that Lisa V. thinks I’m a “dog with a bone,”… I keep bringing up what happened between us, because it speaks to her pattern. It’s this pattern of navigating everyone around her to suit her and never taking responsibility for her actions?”

How about taking responsibility for your actions, Eileen? You had an affair. You busted up two marriages because of it. LVP asked about it, and you’ve been angry ever since. Like it’s her fault you cheated.

But now Eileen has gotten Lisa Rinna whipped into a fat-free, frothy concoction of lip gloss, paranoia and anger.

“We know from what Lisa R. said that she would probably have never brought up the Munchausen’s thing without Lisa V.’s encouragement…”

May I just interject here to cry bullshit? Of course Rinna would have brought it up. She’s a big mouth with no storyline. What else would she have talked about—Harry Hamlin’s dangly bits? She’s got to save something for her third season. Now continue, Eileen.

“…and although Lisa V. and Kyle are released of responsibility from saying the word, they were talking about Yolanda‘s illness as much as Lisa R.

No shit, Columbo. We’ve all been talking about Yolanda Hadid’s inconsistent tale of Lyme. What is the deal those sick/healthy selfies that switch from day to day. Or how about the fact that she ran miles and miles through the Hills of Beverly just last year during the scavenger hunt while she was supposedly suffering from her debilitating Lyme brain?

When Rinna brought up the word Munchhausen to Kyle Richards and LVP, Kyle quickly shut her down—at least on camera. Lisa looked on with snooty British disapproval. But now Rinna claims that LVP was behind the whole thing, pulling Rinna’s strings, forcing her to bring up Crunch-N-Munch in the first place. Furthermore, LVP later chastised Rinna for trying to drag her into the drama without also throwing some of the blame in Kyle’s direction. That’s Rinna’s story and she’s sticking to it. For now.

“…Lisa R. finally confronted Lisa V. about what happened the day Munchausen was brought up for the first time: that Lisa V. ran after Lisa R. and asked her “Why didn’t you bring Kyle into it?” Lisa V. denied the whole thing, which was extremely frustrating for Lisa R.

Could it be that Rinna misinterpreted LVP’s question? Not according to Eileen.

“…Kyle confirmed that Lisa V. was “planting seeds” that day at her house, and that Lisa V. had said “I’m so glad that Rinna didn’t drag you into this Munchausen thing.” The question is why was Lisa V. trying to inject Kyle into this situation at all?”

Because Kyle was sitting right there when Rinna brought up the M-word perhaps?

“…Lisa R. and Kyle have the same story about Lisa V., a story Lisa R. told me months ago when it happened. Lisa V. is the only person still denying that. And what’s strange is that all she’d have to do is fess up and we’d move on.”

Are you kidding me right now? It wouldn’t matter what LVP copped to at this point. Eileen would still dredge it up over dinner and flog Lisa with it. When Eileen brought up the Hamptons last night—again—she first said that LVP hadn’t apologized. When LVP tried to set the record straight, Eileen changed her tune, saying Lisa didn’t apologize the right way. And finally, that even if LVP did apologize again, Eileen wouldn’t believe her, because LVP doesn’t “get it”. Frankly, I don’t get it either.

Eileen is wearing me out with this, people. Then there’s her bangs and her granny decorating sensibilities and her overalls. It’s just too much.

“We’ve all said and done things we’ve regretted, and being accountable is the only way to move on from that. How can Lisa V. ask to have a real friendship with any of us, when we are the only ones taking responsibility for our words and actions?”

Why would she want to be your friend, Eileen? You’re obsessive, hold grudges, and freak out over every perceived slight.

“After trying to get this point across for so long, and Lisa V. continuing to own up to nothing, I reached my breaking point.”

I think Eileen reached her mental breaking point a long time ago. I still maintain this has something to do with her personal life, not Lisa Vanderpump’s nosy questions. If anyone is pulling Rinna’s strings, it’s Eileen.

How about you? Did you understand all the animosity lobbed toward LVP? Are these women getting riled over nothing or is Lisa the guiltiest person to darken the great Los Angeles area, with her manipulative webs and villainous intrigue?


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