Sheree Whitfield Confirms She’s Dating Ex Husband Bob But “Taking It Slow” #RHOA

Posted on Mar 28 2016 - 4:11pm by Dani-K

Sheree Whitfield_RHOA

In this week’s edition of — You Heard It Here First, Sheree Whitfield, admitted to dating her ex-Bob Whitfield last night on Watch What Happens Live.

All About the Tea first brought you this exclusive tea last year when the tea was originally spilled.

Sheree and Bob have a lot of history together and they’ve decided to give it another try. They’re working things out,” an insider tells All About the Tea. “They’re not rushing, they want to see where things go.”

When we first met Sheree during season one RHOA, she was already divorced from the Atlanta Falcons football player, but still trying to ascertain her seven-figure settlement check. The two were married for seven years, and Bob appeared on the show from time to time, usually seen arguing with Sheree, leaving fans to wonder, will love be better the second time around?

During the Real Housewives of Atlanta cast-trip to Jamaica, Sheree invited Bob to be her guest — he was the fun guy in the Cynthia Bailey eyewear commercial – and Bob and Sheree were reportedly “smitten kittens” but said to be “taking it slow.”

Last night on WWHL, Sheree confirmed to Andy Cohen they are still taking it slow. “I wasn’t playing when I said Bob has to work for this. He’s doing what he needs to do. We’re in a good place. We’re taking it one day at a time.”

Although the romance sounds a bit like an AA meeting, She by Sheree admitted dating Bob,

“We’re going on dates. It’s all been so long since we’ve been able to coexist.”

And to think this was made possible because one of their kids had a birthday party. Tell us what you think. Do you think Sheree will be promoted to a full-time housewife? 


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  • Elizabeth Fisher

    I love Sheree… I hope she gets her peach back

  • Wow, that’s interesting. I hope to see Sheree on the show full time too.

  • KKLS30

    Um why is Nene’s foot so dark?

    • Che

      .aybe because bobs creates such a large shadow

  • Shelly Jones

    I’m actually glad for them. And besides, it gives her a story line. Lol.

  • Pandora403

    Keep Sheree. Dump Porsha.

  • Twirl On Them Haters

    This is nasty, but okay. Work ain’t honest but it pays the bills ????.

  • Doralee85

    That’s cool. Good for the kids.

  • rasta

    I like them together. Used to not stand Bob but now I find him quite entertaining. He’s funny as hell. Where else can she find a Black cross eyed Santa that can pimp out that suit better than Dan Akroyd in Trading Places? Hmmm wait a minute…Dan balancing in those white stiletto boots were better. I think he’s a keeper AND the key to Chateau Sheree. She also looks happier now that she’s got a man in her life.

  • Amy2

    I have always liked Sheree. She seems to be real & owns her messy moments. She has $$ issues but is working through them. Her children seem to have been raised with the type of parenting that they are on their way to obtaining their goals. I found Bob interesting & amusing so if he makes Sheree happy that is all that matters.

  • doggiedaddy

    Well…time will tell but it seems to be just for the $$$$

  • Distemp

    Everyone’s wondering about Kim Field’s husband but I’m over here thinking about what a bottom Bob seems like.