RECAP: #TheWalkingDead “East” Who Won’t Survive The Season? [Season 6, Episode 15]

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The Walking Dead S6 E15

We see Carol, preparing for her departure just as Tobin comes to see her. She hides her pack.  They spend one last night together and I can’t decide if the act is loving or cruel. The daily patrols we witnessed last episode are beginning again. Maggie and Glenn are showering as he notices the bruises Donnie left behind. Elsewhere, Daryl is holding the Dennis keychain Denise found at the apothecary. Sasha and Abe are a real couple, exchanging intimate glances as Rosita looks on.  

In bed, Michonne and Rick snuggle and share an apple without speaking, only to break the silence to discuss how Jesus and the Hilltoppers came through. I realize that I only thought I loved them before. Wow. Michonne denies Rick’s attempt at passion to keep Maggie’s schedule of setting up more weapons bins and watch towers.  They decide that she is one pregnant woman they don’t want to piss off.  Michonne brings up Maggie’s concerns about an attack. Rick thinks they’ll be ready when it happens. He says that it won’t be like before, the Alexandrians know what to do.  The world is theirs and they know how to take it.  Hubris, my friends, hubris.  He says that everything they need is inside the walls and he is not losing it again.  She agrees.


Setting up bins filled with guns, Maggie tells Michonne and Glenn that she thinks they should hide the bins where strangers can’t find them.  Just then Daryl takes off.  He is going to avenge Denise’s death. Geez. Michonne, Rosita, and Glenn chase after him as Tobin is giving Rick Carol’s letter.  Morgan and Rick leave to find Carol.  Rick warns that no one else is to leave, that everyone has to be ready for a fight.  I can’t believe that Rick would leave Carl and Judith behind with almost no one he knows left behind to protect them.  Sasha and Abe are it.    This has uber dumb written all over it, or is this dumb luck?  We will find out soon. Carol is driving down the road in a spiked car when men in an approaching truck shoot out her tires.  She clutches her crucifix and begs them not to hurt her.  When grilled by their leader, Jiro, about who she is, she tells him that she is Nancy, from Montclair, just bouncing around. They know about Alexandria and know that she is from there, since they have the same spiked cars there.  The men think that having her with them means they will get through the gate. Channeling her inner Morgan, she breaks down and tells them that it doesn’t have to be this way. They can go home and not get hurt. As they begin the approach on a woman they think is weak and losing her grip, she unloads from the gun in the arm of her jacket, killing all but the driver  Miles, and Jiro.  Miles is spiked when tries to attack her.  Jiro is shot attempting to charge Carol, again.


At home, a tired Maggie is handed a jar of pickles by Enid and told to go put up her feet while she takes the rest of Maggie’s shift. She wants to do something to help – a far cry from JSS Enid.  In the car, Morgan – who still wears his wedding band, doesn’t seem so happy for Rick’s company, telling him he didn’t have to come. Um, he’s Rick, so he did. Rick believes he had to try even if it is a longshot and dangerous. When Morgan suggests that Carol may have gone west, where the savior’s compound was, Rick tells him that he doesn’t even know Carol. From her actions and the slow breakdown she has been having, Morgan  may know her better than anyone. Morgan tells Rick that what he believes isn’t right, there is no right. There is just the wrong that doesn’t pull you down. Rick doesn’t feel that the wrong has pulled him down. Morgan thinks it will, because he knows Rick (and, presumably, what a good guy he is).


SURPRISE! Miles is alive, as is a slowly dying Jiro. Miles tells Jiro to let go and walks off just as Rick and Morgan pull up. Rick stakes Jiro in the head when he hears gurgling noises. They put down a savior-walker who is feeding on another fallen. Rick is proud of Carol for taking out the four saviors, but realizes there are more of them and they are getting closer to Alexandria. The saviors’ guns are gone and Rick realizes that Carol took their weapons – which may have been supplied from the hilltop, maybe the blacksmith. Even though they passed walkers on the sides of the road, stumbling through the woods, Morgan and Rick follow a trail of blood through a meadow. They are followed by Miles, who was hiding in the brush near the cars. He finds Carol’s crucifix and takes it with him. Glenn, Rosita and Michonne arrive at the spot where Denise died – the blood stained rail tie is still there. They track Dwight’s movements to track Daryl when they find his bike in the nearby brush. Rosita wants to let Daryl end Dwight and the saviors,  but Glenn reminds them that Daryl could end up dead. When they catch up, Daryl and Rosita realize that they can’t leave Dwight alive. Glenn and Michonne have to decide whether to head back or help them. Glenn is beginning to give a Denise worthy speech and I start to panic. Just then they hear whistling and see that they are surrounded by Dwight and his men.


In the open field Rick tells Morgan that he is out there because Carol is his family. Morgan reminds him that he sent Carol away for her actions at the prison, from what he’s heard from others. He wants to know if he would do it, today. Rick tells him that, today, he would thank her  – she was right. They kill a walker in a field near a farmhouse and come across a man who is looking for his horse (uh, hopefully not the one from last season). Morgan stops Rick from shooting the man, who runs when a group of walkers come. Rick saves Morgan from a walker who gets the jump on him.  Rick realizes that the man’s weapon came from Hilltop. Morgan confesses to Rick about saving the Wolf, who then saved Denise, who then saved Carl. Rick is speechless and even more so when Morgan tells him to take the car and go help Alexandria, he continue on to find Carol. He says that he will return, but instructs Rick not to come looking for him if he doesn’t. Rick parts by telling Morgan that Michonne did steal his protein bar. Morgan smiles, as he tells him that he knows. Our long lost friends head in opposite directions and it fills me with sadness thinking we may never see Morgan again. Back at camp, Rick is worried, knowing Michonne is still out there.


Abe asks him if he is afraid to going back to letting somebody get close.  Both men are but Abe, being the poet laureate of the apocalypse that he is, comments that he is now much more ready to tear the world a brand new asshole. He tells Rick that Michonne will be back any second now. #TWDFamily, BREATHE deeply and slowly. Some speculated that Lauren Cohan was no longer on the show due to her new haircut and upcoming film roles.  Clever #TWD writers wrote the haircut into the show as Enid helps Maggie shed her hair as a sign of freedom.  Just as she admires her haircut, Maggie falls to the floor clutching her belly.  Will the baby survive?  


Unfortunately, Daryl and Rosita are captured while trying to rescue Glenn and Michonne. Someone is shot, as Dwight’s voice rings out that the individual will be ok.  We won’t know who it is until next week.  Brace yourselves, it appears to be Daryl.  



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