RECAP: Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion Part 2 — Kandi Burruss Defends Kenya Moore [Season 8]

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RHOA Reunion Season 8

We begin part two of The Real Housewives of Atlanta with a flashback of the booze cruise. Arranged by Kenya for her bff Cynthia and her pathetic marriage to Peter. As you know, a bitch-fest ensued on the boat over the word, bitch. Cynthia tells Andy that she may have “overreacted” on account of all the alcohol. Kenya says that fighting with words is different than fighting with your hands because it’s about self-control. While she’s technically right, Kenya isn’t who comes to mind when you think of self-control.


Andy brings up Sheree’s wig-shift with Kim Zolciak and I wonder why? So six years ago. You can see Kim Fields thinking, “When did someone pull my wig?” Meanwhile, Cynthia is humble in her embarrassment over losing her place as “the classy one” due to the fight scene with Porsha. Andy says to Porsha, “It’s once again about personal space.”

Back and forth digs followed between Kenya and Porsha.

Kenya says – Porsha threatens people

Porsha says – Kenya pulls chairs on grown-ass women

Kenya says – You beat up your assistant after the finale

Porsha says – You’re dating a one-eyed-married-preacher

Andy says – A one-eyed what

Kenya says (with huge grin) – I have no idea what you’re talking about

A viewer question calls-out Porsha for claiming that her bruises from the booze cruise came from Cynthia, when actually it had been from the security guy slamming her into the chaise lounge. Phaedra points out that alcohol is the devil’s juice. Porsha finally fesses up to the bruises coming from both.


We thankfully move away from this topic and onto Kenya’s mother’s rejection. It’s harsh when viewed in a montage. Andy asks Kenya if her mother would have been more receptive opening the door if the camera wasn’t there. She says it wouldn’t have made a difference. Andy askes Kenya if she understood Aunt Lori’s point. Kenya says, hell to the no. Agreed. Always protect the child. This almost made Kandi shed a tear – but she didn’t.

Porsha denied gloating over Kenya’s lack of motherly love, she was just trying to figure why Kenya can’t love. And Kenya denied dissing her mother when she called to congratulate her on Miss USA – she only called to say don’t mention her in the press.

Onto the messiness of Cynthia and Peter. Flashbacks showing them in a terrible light are featured. Then we find out Peter’s living in Charlotte while Cynthia’s living in Atlanta. Andy says, “It kind of sounds like you two are separated.” Yes, it kind of sounds like that, Peter says, then compares himself to a man in the military whose absence wouldn’t be questioned. Yeah sure, Peter. You’re a real hero.


At least Peter admits the video makes him look bad. Cynthia then defends Peter by telling Andy he would be much more discrete if he were cheating with every 19-year-old in the club. Porsha suggests that Cynthia check out how Peter pays his waitresses. Kenya lashes out with, “Shut your mouth, Porsha, cuz if there’s not a *ick in it, you don’t even know what you’re saying.”


Andy’s mouth falls open, but he recovers and asks Cynthia if she feels bad about suggesting Phaedra was stepping out on Apollo last season. Cynthia, being the classy one, says that she regrets mentioning that to Phaedra when she had so much drama going on (and Cynthia had so little). Andy asks if their marriage will survive if Cynthia left RHOA. (Is that a hint, Andy?) Peter says their marriage would be better and Cynthia says she don’t know.


Next up are flashbacks of Phae-Phae’s journey to single-woman-hood, hear her roar. After her adorable son Ayden asks a few questions, Phaedra speaks of how she thought the jail visit would have been more emotional with Apollo. Except for the low down dirty shame going on in the back row, it was pretty boring. But Phaedra is glad to have this behind her and now Kandi and the rest of them can just mind their own damn business.


The other women try to come up with acceptable excuses for not checking on the boys, or worse, saying, call me if we can do anything to help. That doesn’t help. Send a gift card. But Kandi feels that as a friend she needs to speak her truth and tell her that one day, when Apollo gets out, Phaedra’s going to have a problem on her hands. Phaedra thinks it’s on Apollo for his bad choices. Kandi says Phaedra’s bad choice was hooking up Apollo. Andy asks when Phaedra will date again and she says not while the cameras are rolling until the divorce is final.


Breaking news! Porsha and Oliver and/or Duke are no longer a couple. Wow. Didn’t see that coming at all.

Onto the very exciting topic of Miami and where it all went wrong. Kenya gets the blame for this one, again. She is accused of escalating the drama with the uninvited guests that Kenya personally told Tammy to invite. Then the subject jumps to white people and their fear of black men. Girl, please don’t compare Glen Rice Jr. to Michael Brown. Kenya warns Phaedra not to let her kids act like that, or they’ll end up in jail, too.

Andy asks the ladies who else felt threatened by these guys and only Kandi raised her hand. The rest of the ladies said they didn’t feel he was aggressive. Are you kidding me? Kandi said that although Kenya do some pretty stupid stuff, this time she was right. Kandi preached that this Rice guy doesn’t have the right to raise his hand, knock his aunt out, flash gang signs, and call them a bitch, no matter what Kenya said to him. Andy didn’t understand why the ladies just didn’t ask security to handle it, that’s what they’re being paid to do.


Phaedra says that Kenya’s just upset because she was hot for him and he was not for her. The thing is, red flags were waving all over the place, and yet, Kenya is getting the blame? Things that make you go hmmm.

Tune in next week for the final reunion with NeNe and the husbands.


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