Porsha Williams, Sheree Whitfield, and Phaedra Parks Talk #RHOA Reunion Drama!

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Last night, Porsha Williams, Sheree Whitfield, and Phaedra Parks met up on Watch What Happens Live after part two of The Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion. Titties were on parade and nearly poked my eye out through the TV screen.

As you know, Andy Cohen never gets tired of teasing Sheree about the lack of clothing in her She by Sheree line, so he practically squealed like a thirteen-year-old girl when she revealed that she was sporting her own clothes tonight—a lacy bra, matching leggings and a cropped jacket. She did a spin for him and he loved it.

During the reunion, Kim Fields’ backbone finally made an appearance, and the ladies were happy to see it. Porsha had been waiting all season for Kim to stand up for herself.

“She literally held that in. We were trying to pry it out of her the whole time. I felt like she wasn’t being herself…her reaction should have been different. And since it wasn’t, we felt like that can’t be real.”

Andy had been practicing his reading skills for the reunion. Porsha applauded him.

“You were on fire. Your follow up questions were shady as hell. Shadier than normal.”

The Shady Boot moment of the night went to the ladies on The Real Housewives of Potomac. Katie Rost lobbed some backhanded shade toward Gizelle Bryant, calling her:

“…a genuinely spiritual person and she’s got a good heart. I just think she dresses like a prostitute sometimes and can be a little bitchy. Other than that, I think she’s a lovely person.”

Meanwhile, back in the ATL, Cynthia Bailey’s husband, Peter, commented that he lives Charlotte and occasionally visits Atlanta. Andy commented:

“The more they talked about it, the more it seemed like they were separated to me. Did anyone else…”

The ladies started humming, but refused to answer. Earlier tonight, Porsha threw out some accusations regarding Peter and other women, saying the rumors weren’t just on the internet, but all over Atlanta. When asked which women in particular, Porsha refused to name names. When asked if Cynthia knows more than she’s letting on about Peter’s extracurriculars, Porsha said:

“I don’t know what Cynthia knows. All I know is that if she’s happy, I’m happy for her. She’s the one who’s married to him and they seem to be doing well today. So good luck, guys.”

Kenya Moore was a lightning rod for controversy this season. Almost all the women had some kind of beef with her. During the reunion part two, she and Porsha yelled insults at each other and most of them involved the word “penis.” Porsha defended herself. 

“The tuck comment compared to her saying I had a penis in my mouth? I think hers was much more vulgar.”

Phaedra mentioned her one and only visit to husband, Apollo, in the big house. She worried about the influence on her boys, noting that she didn’t care for the behavior of the other inmates. Something sexual went down with one prisoner. “It was a visitor with an inmate. He stood up and his pants was undone.” She wiggled her finger to indicate a peepee sighting.

Time out. Was it just me or was there an awful lot of discussion about a certain part of the male anatomy this reunion? Dorks aplenty! Okay, time in.

Phaedra says she hasn’t reached out to Teresa Giudice and bonded over their felonious hubbies. “No, we’re not friends like that. I’ve met her before and she’s a lovely lady, but we haven’t talked.” And though she speaks to Apollo every day, Phaedra said never asked him if he’s run into Joe in the communal showers, and I kind of believe it. Phaedra is too focused on Phaedra to care about other people. 

In happier relationship news, Sheree’s relationship with her ex, Bob, is progressing nicely.

“I wasn’t playing when I said Bob has to work for this. He’s doing what he needs to do. We’re in a good place. We’re taking it one day at a time. We’re not exclusive, but we’re going on dates. It’s been so long since we’ve been able to coexist.”

We got a sneak peek of next week’s show. Kim and her husband, Chris, confront Kenya over the gay rumors. Sheree defends the fact that she’s the one who spilled the tea to Kim in the first place.

“I felt really bad. I felt like I had to tell her. We were talking about her husband and everybody all of a sudden is all nice, but we were Googling her husband the night before. So I called out myself on my stuff.”

Phaedra and Kandi Burruss have been at odds this season. A lot of that had to do with Todd not getting paid for that stupid workout video. Phaedra finally handed him a check right before the reunion. Was that merely a timely coincidence or did she pay him off to save face?

“No…I had asked Todd for the actual footage, and I still got it in an actual unusable file, so I wanted to just clear it all. I gave it enough energy. I’m done with it…he can go what he needs to do.”

Andy hinted that something happens next week that puts the final nail in the friendship coffin between Phaedra and Kandi. They haven’t spoken since the reunion. Phaedra admitted he wasn’t wrong.

“Well, you know, like I said at the reunion, I tried and I tried. I made every concession that I can and right now, I just got to leave it in God’s hand because I can’t do anything else.”

During her argument with Kenya, Porsha brought up a mysterious one-eyed African man that Kenya used to date. So who was that man? And did he wear an eyepatch, like a pirate?

“Well, without saying people’s names who aren’t a part of this show…she was with a guy who had one eye and he was African. So when I was being attacked with words, I decided to bring it up, and so I did.”

Andy noted that her cast members think Porsha changed from her first season on the show.

“I would hope I’ve changed. I feel like I have changed for the better in my eyes. I am who I am. I’m living in my truth, and I’m enjoying life. So I would hope anyone coming out of a bad situation would evolve and be more powerful and more self-aware.”

I would hope so, too, but Porsha is the least self-aware person on this show. Sometimes I think she has tumbleweeds skittering through that empty head of hers. And she claimed, with a straight face, that she wasn’t throwing shade toward Cynthia when she referred to her as an older demographic during her fancy panties photo shoot.

“…Naked Lingerie represents every demo and she’s absolutely gorgeous in her demo, which is for older, mature women.”

Watch yourself, Porsha. Cynthia will kick you across the room, girl. She’s done it once, she can do it again.

So, do you think Phaedra and Kandi can patch things up? Should Phaedra make an effort to take the boys to see Apollo? And do we want Sheree to be reinstated with a full-time peach next season?


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