‘RHOA’ Kenya Moore Blasts Porsha Williams On Twitter Over Slanderous Married Pastor Accusation!

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The Real Housewives of Atlanta rolls on, with part two of a three part Bravo reunion, airing last night.

Porsha Williams lashed out at Kenya Moore and Cynthia Bailey — after they both nailed her on her violent outbursts, and her disloyal gossipy antics. Porsha spoke out on Watch What Happens Live — weakly defending her shady and reckless comments, about Kenya Moore. 

“Well, without saying people’s names who aren’t a part of this show…she was with a guy who had one eye and he was African. So when I was being attacked with words, I decided to bring it up, and so I did.”

Porsha all but admits to blurting out the irrelevant and unsubstantiated lies, in reaction to Kenya pointing out her violent past. Kenya called Porsha out on Twitter—blasting her for slander.

Porsha used her same tricks on Cynthia Bailey, blathering outrageous claims, about her husband, Peter Thomas. Cynthia calmly noted that Porsha feeds the rumor mill, and Porsha claimed to “know” the inside scoop on Cynthia and Peter’s marriage. Porsha again used “being disrespected,” as her reason for barking out the nasty accusations.

“It’s all over the internet about Peter and his women. Besides the internet it’s all over Atlanta—just walk up to any girl that is nineteen years old. Find out how your waitresses are getting paid, ok? It’s full of penis.”

Porsha has revealed herself as one of the Atlanta players who has the most to hide, when it comes to her off-camera reality. Cynthia handled Porsha’s rants with class, and did not sink to her level. A recent post on Instagram, explains her mindset.


The post is captioned “My God knows all. I answer to him only. The rest is just noise.” What noise does a “thot” make? Just ask Porsha Williams.


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